Tips and tools: 900 days of progress, MrBeast’s success, and Seinfeld’s joke‑writing advice (for copywriters)

Published: September 2023

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What does 900 days of progress look like?

A screenshot of the 900 days of progress article.

900 days of progress is a brilliantly obsessive look at banking app development comparing traditional and challenger banks.

“… a correlation is noticeable (and obvious, in retrospect): product teams that are capable of updating frequently, fix more issues.”
—Peter Ramsey, Built for Mars

We recently wrote about how to build unbeatable focus, but it’s rare to see the evidence laid out so forensically.

Analyzing MrBeast’s mind-blowing success (and how our CEO won a candy bar)

A photo of MrBeast’s Spinner Winner competition to promote his new chocolate range.
MrBeast—less talkative in person than his videos suggest.

Martin, our CEO, was on a family holiday in Wales when he stumbled across Spinner Winner—a competition to promote MrBeast’s new chocolate range. (And Martin won—hooray!)

It reminded us of Dickie Bush’s Twitter threads (here and here), analyzing MrBeast’s mind-blowing success—though Martin’s candy bar will surely have dented his fortune.

Reading off the beaten track—the simple habit that boosts our creativity

A screenshot of Read Something Wonderful website.

Reading across disciplines does wonders for creative thinking, and the minimum effective dose can be surprisingly smallif you can find great material. For this reason, we love Read Something Wonderful—a curated list of articles that puts quality before novelty. We’ve read and recommended loads of them.

From the archive: Jerry Seinfeld’s advice for joke‑writing—and how to apply it to copywriting

A quote from Jerry Seinfeld from his talk about writing jokes.
Jerry Seinfeld talks joke‑writing with the New York Times.

Comedy and copywriting have a lot in common. In this article, we apply Jerry Seinfeld’s joke‑writing techniques to copywriting—and “destroy” one of his jokes in the process.

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