Tips and tools: Aldi’s legendary floor, fast fonts, and the psychology of IKEA

Published: May 2024

Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another

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Genchi Genbutsu and Aldi’s legendary floor

The exterior of an Aldi store.

We learned a lot from this interview with Paul Foley, the former CEO of Aldi UK.

The talk goes deep into the culture, long-term focus, and “Genchi Genbutsu” style thinking that’s driven Aldi’s huge success. Including the story of Aldi’s legendary floor…

The fastest fonts (bar none)

A screenshot of fonts in the System UI, Transitional, and Old Style.

Web typography has come a long way since the 1990s, but it’s worth remembering that every custom font we use increases a website’s load time (and potentially decreases conversions).

Modern Font Stacks is a useful reminder of the native font families that exist on each device and don’t require downloading. We especially like “Transitional.”

The psychology of IKEA

A pie chart showing that 60% of IKEA p[urchases are unplanned.
Image credit: Zachary Crockett / The Hustle

If you’ve ever left Ikea with more than you went for, you’ll enjoy The Hustle’s article, How Ikea tricks you into buying more stuff. It’s a fascinating look at the impact of store layout, the psychology of pricing, and the persuasive power of those famous meatballs.

In case you missed it: Three techniques to improve your value proposition

A photograph of delicious looking food in a Japanese restaurant.
Are your tastebuds tingling? Read the article to learn the marketing secret at work.

Our recent article on techniques to improve your value proposition proved very popular. If you’ve not read it, here are the three common problems it describes:

  • Failing to make it clear what a product or service does.
  • Forgetting to mention valuable benefits.
  • Neglecting to tell your prospect what will happen if they buy.

Fortunately, we also tell you how to fix each of these issues.

And finally, for your next coffee break… a timeline of web history

A screenshot of an early homepage. launched in 1994.

What’s your earliest web memory? The Web Design Museum has a fantastic timeline of web history. Take a deep breath and find the first screenshot you truly recognize.

It was Netscape 2 for us—and if you can beat that, we salute you.

Have you come across something worth sharing? If so, let us know. We could include it in a future article.

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