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This is an exclusive one-on-one session with one of CRE’s—and the world’s—most experienced marketers. Both Art and Peter have been involved in the growth of many of our clients, and are familiar with the results of hundreds of winning A/B tests.

In this valuable session, one of them will discuss your conversion goals and suggest strategies to double your sales.

Art Crowley

Art Crowley

Art started direct marketing 24 years ago, publishing mail order catalogs to drive sales. He advises small to mid-sized online businesses—and has consulted at the top levels of nine Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Government.

Peter Hardingham

Peter Hardingham

Peter has worked with legendary marketers David Ogilvy and Drayton Bird, and has grown companies of all sizes, from startups to global enterprises.

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I was offered candid advice on my website, and suggestions to increase conversions. CRE’s expert was generous with his ideas on improvement, which I can put to good use—it was an enjoyable conversation!”

Tashi Nibber, CEO of US Global Mail

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All profits go to feeding chronically hungry children

We donate all profits from Making Websites Win to the charity Mary’s Meals, which feeds chronically hungry children in the world’s poorest communities. (So far, the donations have paid for the feeding of 2,518 children for a whole school year.) We are providing the eBook to you for free, but if you’d like to donate (thanks!), then you can buy the physical book or, even better, make a donation direct on Mary’s Meals’ donation page.
Recipients of Mary’s Meals support.
Making Websites Win has paid for the feeding of 2,518 children for a whole school year.

Testimonials and case studies

We have already grown a company just like yours. In fact, we have 85 testimonials and success stories revealing how we’ve transformed companies of all types in nearly every vertical. Double- and triple-digit improvements are the norm.

Vodafone is a multinational telecoms company.

“They increased our conversion rate by 300%.”


We have worked with Google on several projects, including the launch of Google's Android phone.

“Really extraordinary ‘off-the-chart’ results.”

Jacob Stark is the Director of Digital Strategy at Jenny Craig, the leading weight-loss company.

“About $10 million of increased potential revenue.”

SimpliSafe designs—and markets—home security alarms.

Five-times increase in revenue.

Verizon Connect

Scott Buckland of Verizon Connect.

“CRE has the unique advantage of being able to draw from its vast experience with the multiple clients it has worked with over the years, to tailor new tests to our business. The insights from the research phase alone were invaluable.

“Overall, I saw this engagement as a great way to soak up as much information from CRE as possible—and internalize some best practices around CRO with our own team.”

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