Win Report: How removing content increased conversions by 36%

Published: March 2024

Win Reports help you to grow your business by showing our methodology at work. Each article highlights a real-world test, sharing the research, insights, and techniques that led to the win.

What if you could delete content from your website and grow conversion? In the next two minutes, we’ll show you how removing a section of a webpage increased sales by 36%.
The image shows the original and variation screens side by side.

iFLY offers awesome indoor skydiving experiences at over 80 locations around the world. Their iconic wind tunnels host professional skydivers, national competitions, groups of families and friends who are often experiencing the sport for the first time… and slightly apprehensive team members from CRO agencies conducting Method Marketing.

A CRE team member flying in an iFLY tunnel.
A member of our team taking the research seriously. (All went well until the inflight drinks arrived.)

As part of a wider brief to help grow iFLY’s business, we looked at one of their more important and fun revenue streams—birthday parties 🎉

Research: What your users see

Our Win Reports often mention the value of listening to users, but watching what they do can be just as useful. That’s why scrollmaps are a standard part of our methodology.

Scrollmaps help us understand if people are seeing important content on a webpage. They aggregate the behavior of hundreds or thousands of users, helping identify opportunities to increase conversion and target further research.

Here’s the desktop scrollmap we captured from the Birthday Party page. The “hotter” the content, the more users saw it.

The heatmap shows the long page getting colder and colder.

The scrollmap above tells a simple story. Many users never scrolled past the page header or saw the key birthday content. (Mobile users saw even less.)

Let’s take a closer look.

The original page (or control)

Here’s the top of the original page, cropped to show the content that most desktop users saw:

The screenshot shows the top of the page, which reads: GET MORE INFORMATION. Is Your Group 6 or More Flyers? Please contact your local tunnel at tel:(678) 803-4359 or submit a form and we’ll reach out to you.
The Control: Many visitors never scrolled past this point.

Our research indicated that the visible content:

  • Did little to wow parents looking to arrange a special birthday treat.
  • Implied that parties with fewer than six guests were in the wrong place.
  • Suggested next steps (phone calls or forms) without stating clear benefits.
  • Lacked any explanation of what an iFLY birthday party entailed.

The “lack of explanation” issue had come out in our wider user testing. Despite plenty of relevant content, some participants were concerned about what to expect if they booked a visit. “Flying” is new to most people, and some need extra reassurance—a desire likely magnified if you are bringing your children and their friends.

Although many of the issues above were addressed in the deeper page content, few users ever saw it. In the screenshot above, the white design creates a “false bottom.” Some users may not have realized that there was further content beneath.

What could we test—quickly and easily—to validate our hypothesis?

The tested page (or variation)

In the tested variation, we removed the top section of content, allowing all users to see the next section—“What happens at an iFLY Party?”:

The screenshot shows an attractive diagram that represents the flow of the party.
The Variation: Users see more engaging content.

The newly revealed copy hinted at the options and flexibility on offer:

iFLY makes it easy to host an epic party. We offer multiple options to best suit your needs. Book the whole session or book individual flyers, with or without a party room and food. Our indoor flying facilities are designed to accommodate all ages and abilities. Come celebrate at iFLY!

By removing the top section, the birthday parties page:

  • Became more relevant and inviting.
  • Offered clearer benefits—e.g., the ease of hosting an “epic” party.
  • Removed a possible confusion around “6 or more flyers.”
  • Teased a more engaging visual with the 5-step process.
  • Clearly continued below—which made scrolling much more likely.

Result: Conversions increased by 36%

During the test, we observed a 36% increase in conversions and a 47% increase in revenue per customer.

What next?

As usual, we added the test to our proprietary Wins Database, then looked for ways to apply its lessons to other parts of iFLY’s business and then to other clients.

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We’ll only work with you if we believe we can get amazing results together. Our success has come entirely from positive word of mouth, and we plan to keep it that way.

Thanks to iFLY for letting us share these insights (and for being such an awesome team to work with).

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