Win Report: How a site-wide benefits bar increased transactions by 8% for a German shipping platform

Published: January 2024

Win Reports help you to grow your business by showing our methodology at work. Each article highlights a real-world test, sharing the research, insights, and techniques that led to the win.

In the next two minutes, we’ll show you how a single A/B test increased transactions by 8% on a German shipping platform. (We’ve worked with clients in 11 languages and 40 countries.)

JUMiNGO saves customers up to 80% by negotiating and passing on wholesale discounts from partners like UPS, FedEx, DPD, DHL, and TNT.

A screenshot of the before and after hero section of the Jumingo website.

Although existing customers valued JUMiNGO’s prices, ease of use, personal service, and lack of lock-in, it was hard to get new users to try the platform. How could we encourage more people to experience the service?

Research: Skepticism and inertia

A subscription should be an easy “yes” for regular customers, but our research uncovered a big objection within that group. They were concerned about being locked into a long-term commitment. They said things like:

“I can’t imagine how you will find cheaper prices than the bulk prices I was offered by DHL.”

“Where does the 80% saving come from?”

“I’m not sure if I will be willing to go through that effort every time I get an order. It seems like a lot of extra steps.”

Although the website did support its claims with evidence, the research revealed that many visitors missed the content. On JUMiNGO’s homepage, fewer than 50% of desktop visitors scrolled to the “how it works” section, and fewer than 30% of desktop users saw the full explanation of benefits. (In this market, desktop users make up the majority of customers.)

A color-coded scrollmap shows how few of the site’s users move past the top of the screen.
A scrollmap of JUMiNGO’s homepage. Almost no one reached the bottom of the page.

To convince people to try JUMiNGO, we needed to make both the benefits and evidence more visible—not just on the homepage but across the entire site.

We created a test variation with a benefits bar for desktop users. The bar sat beneath the site header, highlighting the messages that our analysis indicated had convinced existing customers to convert.

The control

The original site header looked like this.

A screenshot showing JUMiNGO’s original website header.

The variation

The variation looked like this.

The new header has five key benefits added beneath the navigation

The messages were:

  • Bis zu 80% günstiger als Direktbuchungen
    (Save up to 80% compared to direct bookings)
  • Persönlicher Service durch unsere Versandexperten
    (Personal service by our shipping experts)
  • Alles an einem Ort e einfach buchen & verwalten
    (Easily book & manage everything in one place)
  • Kein Abo, keine Mindestmengen, keine monatliche Gebühr
    (No subscription, no monthly fee)
  • Weltweiter Versand in über 230 Regionen
    (Worldwide shipping in over 230 regions)

Importantly, the visitors could access further explanation, credibility, or proof by hovering over each of the messages. Here’s an example from the homepage:

A deeper screenshot of the JUMiNGO homepage showing how hovering over a benefit opens a window with extra content.

Result: Transactions increased by 8%

The site-wide benefits bar answered key visitor objections early and backed the assertions up with data. During the test, we observed an 8% increase in transactions.

As we say on page 197 of our Amazon #1 best-selling book that you can get for FREE, winning websites are “powerhouses of credibility and proof.”

What next?

As usual, we added this test to our Wins Database and then looked for opportunities to apply its lessons to other clients.

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We’ll only work with you if we believe we can get amazing results together. Our success has come entirely from positive word of mouth, and we plan to keep it that way.

Thanks to JUMiNGO for letting us share these insights (and for being such a great team to work with).

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