Win Report: How a simplified sign-up flow increased conversion by 12%

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In the next three minutes, we’ll show you how a consolidated sign-up flow increased conversion by 12%.
The image shows the original and variation screens one above the other.
The image shows the original and variation screens one above the other.

Trusted by Airbnb, Pinterest, and Revolut, Mobbin is the world’s largest mobile and web design reference library. Subscribers can access over 300,000 screens and 24,000 navigation flows for digital product design inspiration.

Research: Leveraging experience

Many of our tests are informed by the deep research we carry out for our clients and draw on 17 years of wins using our Proprietary Wins Database. And, after running thousands of experiments, certain themes emerge.

For example, we get to know which combinations of elements—such as proof points, compelling headlines, and friction-reducing copy—are most effective at converting visitors who land on sign-up pages. (We often conceive winning tests very early in new client engagements based on this experience.)

Another seam of gold that runs through our Wins Database is this: simplicity beats complexity. And the best form of simplicity? Removing—or in this case, consolidating—entire pages or funnels. This often improves conversion rates, but as you will see, also delivers a secondary benefit for the future.

The original page (or control)

When Mobbin’s visitors interacted with certain elements of the site, they were asked to log in or sign up. This request appeared as a modal window over the screen they were browsing.

The image shows the link between the homepage links and the bland sign-up page.
The Control: On-page assets trigger a modal window.

The modal existed separately from Mobbin’s Signup page and lacked the persuasive content that might increase conversion.

How might we simplify the process, improve the conversion rate, and make things better for the wider client engagement?

The tested page (or variation)

If you’ve read our website, you may already know our views on the evils of duplication. In this test, we removed the duplicate form from the less persuasive modal and directed users to a lightly refreshed version of the main sign-up page:

The image shows the updated links pointing to the existing but amended sign-up page.
The Variation: The new page is more visually appealing and embodies trust.

The sign-up page already included the screens to the right and the customer logos beneath the form. We updated the headline and copy to emphasize that:

  • The account was free forever (not just a free trial).
  • Users would be able to search and filter 300,000+ screens.
  • No credit card was required.

Result: Conversion increased by 12%

During the test, we observed a 12% increase in sign-ups for free accounts. That’s a great win, but this simplification also delivered a small but significant bonus.

Consolidating user journeys delivers a secondary benefit—it makes testing easier. Without the original modal, more users see the sign-up page, allowing future tests to focus there (and reach statistical significance faster).

Thinking strategically in this way can improve and compound the results of any long-term CRO program.

What next?

As usual, we added the test to our proprietary Wins Database, then looked for ways to apply its lessons to other parts of Mobbin’s business and then to other clients.

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We’ll only work with you if we believe we can get amazing results together. Our success has come entirely from positive word of mouth, and we plan to keep it that way.

Thanks to Mobbin for letting us share these insights (and lending their huge expertise to the interface design).

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