Our head office—in a former nunnery

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Our head office was featured on a website that showcases interesting workspaces. In case you are interested, we have posted the images below.

The approach to the office

The approach to the office.

Our international team gathers for Squirrelcons, the company get-togethers

Our international team gathers for SquirrelCons, the company get-togethers.

Hawkesyard Hall

The building is a former monastery—and before that a nunnery. Our offices are on the top floor. The bottom floor is used for weddings—and for SquirrelCons.

The monks moved out in 1988

The monks moved out in 1988.

The Gothic staircase

The Gothic staircase.

The door sign

The door sign.

End-view of the office desk

We are 100% paperless, so it’s easy to keep the office tidy.


The offices overlook the gardens and fountain.

30-inch display screens

All work is done on Dell 30-inch displays. Some of the displays are on Ergotron arms and some are on Ergotron Workfit-S standing-sitting stands.

Ergotron arms and sit-stand desks

The Ergotron arms allow the screens to be oriented in portrait mode, which can be useful for designing long pages.


Wireless headsets are used for most calls, but Polycom wireless phones are used for group calls.


The plasma screen hosts a Geckoboard-powered dashboard.

Conversion Rate Squirrel on the sideboard

The company mascot, Conversion Rate Squirrel, has pride of place on the sideboard.

Sound-insulated room

This room is used for webinars, podcasts and client conference calls. It was echoey when we moved in, so an acoustics company lined all the walls with Ecophon Texona panels and the ceiling with suspended Ecophon Solo panels.

White-noise generator

The sound became so acoustically dead it was slightly uncomfortable, so there’s a Marsona TSCi-330 white-noise generator to take the edge off the silence.

Podcast set-up

The set-up for webinars and podcasts. (The Blue Yeti microphone makes a huge improvement to audio quality.)

Treadmill desk

The treadmill desk (LifeSpan TR1200-DT3) provides an easy way to stay fit. One of the team members (not pictured) walked 410 miles in a month.

The garden and orangerie

The Wi-Fi stretches as far as the garden, which provides additional meeting space on warm summer days.

The garden

The garden is home to squirrels—and to the world’s most aggressive tiny dog (on a leash under that farthest conifer).

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