Introducing Price Optimization Analysis: The data‑driven way to reach peak profits

A stylized revenue-price graph for an example product.
Pricing is one of the most surefire ways to increase a company’s profits. We know because we’ve used pricing strategies to transform our clients’ businesses—in many cases, with increases of over 50%, 100%, or more.

Yet many companies feel pricing is hard and high‑risk. That’s why they avoid the tough decisions, ceding control to their competition, their customers, or their fear of making mistakes. “If it isn’t (catastrophically) broken, don’t fix it.”

To remove the stress and guesswork—and to help unlock game‑changing profits—today we’re introducing a robust, data‑driven approach to pricing. We call it Price Optimization Analysis.

The fastest way to reach “peak” revenue

Every product or service has a unique price‑revenue curve. The curve—which often looks like a mountain—shows potential revenue across a range of price points. Your goal should be to get from your current price to your optimal price—the peak of the mountain.

A stylized revenue-price graph for an example product. The current price is well below the peak of the “mountain”, and the difference is highlighted with the words, “Potential revenue.”
Reaching the “peak” of your price‑revenue curve can unlock game‑changing profits.

In reality, though, most companies have no idea what their mountain looks like, let alone their distance from the top. Without an accurate “map,” pricing strategy can resemble a high‑stakes game of pin the tail on the donkey, powered by blind hunches, groupthink, and guesswork.

Price Optimization Analysis is different. We use survey‑based statistical techniques to model your price-revenue curve, then systematically validate its predictions.

Some products or services generate more money through higher prices; others do better when we lower prices to stimulate demand. There is always a sweet spot, and Pricing Optimization Analysis takes you directly there. It’s low‑risk, high‑reward, and 100% guesswork‑free.

Imagine the clarity it brings to the boardroom, let alone the benefit to the bottom line.

Our clients are already seeing amazing results

Price Optimization Analysis takes you to the peak without risk or delay.

Some of our clients had early access—here’s what we found:

  • For a subscription business locked in a price war, we learned that increasing prices by 51% would increase revenue by 16% (and free them from the race to the bottom).
  • For a SaaS company, we learned that an increase in plan prices would generate 17% revenue growth.
  • For a services company, we learned that a price increase of 234% would reduce sign-ups by just 22%, growing their revenue by 160%!

Furthermore, none of these revenue increases require new product development, infrastructure changes, or capital investment.

The revenue is just sitting there, waiting to be claimed.

For now, we’re making Price Optimization Analysis available, at no extra cost, as part of our CRE Methodology™. Price Optimization Analysis doesn’t just tip the playing field; it changes the game.

If you want to grow your profits quickly and efficiently, contact us.

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