“You’re just losing money every day that you don’t hire CRE,” says AlgaeCal, a health e‑commerce company

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AlgaeCal is an online provider of health supplements.

A short video interview with the client

“You’re just losing money every day that you don’t hire CRE.”

A transcript of the video

“We wanted to be sure that there was a good return on the investment. Two or three months into it, though, they’d already paid for themselves on a monthly basis, in terms of increased conversion to sales.

“Two or three months into it, though, they’d already paid for themselves on a monthly basis.”

“Then it just took off. They ran four or five split tests, all at the same time, so there was always results. It was great. Every week you’d check in on the weekly call and see big wins, just by their performance. It was really quite amazing.

“Then it just took off.”

“My name is Dean Neuls. I’m with AlgaeCal Inc in Vancouver, British Columbia. I’m the CEO and founder of the company. We are in the business of reversing osteoporosis safely and naturally. And we have the worldwide exclusive rights to a unique Brazilian algae that performs much, much better than traditional calcium supplements.

“We had completely rebuilt our website, and so we didn’t have a baseline at all. We didn’t know where we were in terms of our conversions versus our old, very simple, sales-page style website, but we had a lot of traffic coming to it.

“Over the years, we’ve dealt with dozens and dozens of contractors in various aspects of marketing and, oftentimes, it’s not quite the results that we would like. So, we knew that we needed help and we wanted to find the best company out there. We didn’t try any other approaches prior to CRE because we’d done our homework, we knew who the best was. We knew that even a half a percent increase in our conversion to sales, with the traffic that we have coming to our website, would more than cover the investment. And so, when we saw that CRE had dealt with all the big names out there—even though we’re a smaller company—we said, ‘We’ll go the extra mile and let’s get the best.’

“We said, ‘We’ll go the extra mile and let’s get the best.’”

“They were willing to invest their time ahead of designing any split-tests to understand exactly who our customer is, what our products are, and how they best serve them. They did surveys, they found out exactly what our customer was all about, which really is going to help any split-tests that they design. So that was a biggie in pushing us over the edge in terms of the value that they offered versus other companies. And, we have an entire team of dedicated professionals that’s increasing the sales of our company. It’s a good feeling as an owner of a company, I tell you.

“It’s a good feeling as an owner of a company.”

“One of the best aspects of working with Conversion Rate Experts is a fresh set of eyes that are experts in their field in conversions coming into your company and seeing things that maybe should be obvious to us but aren’t because we’re just too close to our own subject matter. I would say to anyone that’s looking for a company, ‘Don’t hesitate. You’re just losing money every day that you don’t hire CRE. Just get started. You’ll see the results very soon.’”

“You’re just losing money every day that you don’t hire CRE.”

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