Free podcast of our entire book, Making Websites Win

The “Blue Yeti” microphone.
The audiobook version of our best-selling book, Making Websites Win, is now available as a free podcast.
We’ve just created an audiobook version of our best-selling book. And as an experiment, we’ve decided to give it away as a free podcast.

Like Joe Rogan but more conversioney—and with no one taking drugs—the Making Websites Win podcast contains techniques that could transform your website, your business, and your career.

“It’s like the hitchhiker’s guide to CRO”—Ian Dalton, Flagship Marketing

“I’ve been a huge fan of Conversion Rate Experts for over 10 years, and this is their greatness in a nutshell.”—Carolyn Wilson, Think Internet

It may not be available as a free podcast for long, because we may end up selling it via the usual audiobook channels. So if you think you’d like it, we recommend you download all ten episodes now.

Screenshot of the Making Websites Win podcast at #3 in the iTunes Management & Marketing chart
The podcast at #3 in the iTunes “Management and Marketing” chart.

How to download the Making Websites Win audiobook podcast

We hope you enjoy it. If you do, please tell your friends and followers!

All profits go to feeding chronically hungry children

We donate all profits from Making Websites Win to the charity Mary’s Meals, which feeds chronically hungry children in the world’s poorest communities. (So far, the donations have paid for the feeding of 2,518 children for a whole school year.) We are providing the audiobook and eBook versions to you for free, but if you’d like to donate (thanks!), then you can buy the physical book or, even better, make a donation direct on Mary’s Meals’ donation page.
Recipients of Mary’s Meals support.
Making Websites Win has paid for the feeding of 2,518 children for a whole school year.

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