“Everybody should use Conversion Rate Experts,” says Bestshopping

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Bestshopping is a leading Italian cashback website.

A short video interview with the client

We greatly increased the rate of first purchases for Bestshopping.

A transcript of the video

I think that everybody doing business should use Conversion Rate Experts. Everybody can increase performance, conversion, and of course, revenues. This is a must. This is something that everybody should do.

“Even if we were an Italian web company, with Italian sentences and our users were Italian people, we always had a very good impact on everything we did with them. We have much more first purchases, so new users are buying more. Of course, this is impacting in the revenue per user.

“They also discovered some key factors in our funnels, like the brands. This test was a big winner with something like 20% more conversion rate. And now, this is one of the biggest things to bring a significant impact on our numbers.

“My name is Alessandro Bonzi, and I work for Bestshopping.com, which is a website doing cashback and coupons. We now have more than half a million users in Italy. They are very expensive to acquire. We know that once they come on our website, we have to win them.

“Everything that is related to conversion is a key point for us. So we were looking for someone that was really scientists. Conversion Rate Experts understood our needs. We were very impressed by their newsletters and all the case studies they published online. They were very clean at the start-up, explaining every step they do. A lot of information about how they were going to work with us. So we understood that we were in good hands.

“Once we started with them, they were also very creative. We found that very interesting. They were proposing things. They were analyzing our funnels from a very good scientific point of view. And what we liked from them was how they approached the results with the winners.

“They use online tools to share the project, to share ideas. You can chat and talk with them continuously. It was very interesting also to see how they were bringing in ideas, comparing, and contrasting with outside markets. One of the big achievements we did with them was to change the homepage, which is something very hard and very impacting for a company.

Everything they do now is exactly what we were searching for. Something like they increase the conversion just by replacing a sentence. This was fantastic. Very easy to do. But of course, we would never do it without them.”

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