Should you apply your CRO skills to a wider area of influence?

With CRO, you can transform almost every aspect of a business. In this article, we give examples that might inspire you to broaden the scope of your influence…

Morph Costumes Slender Man costume
While studying the analytics for client Morph Costumes, we noticed that visitors were searching for “Slender Man costumes.” Morph Costumes responded quickly, launching a Slender Man suit that became a top seller. (See our testimonial from Morph Costumes.)

Beyond landing pages

Many people wrongly believe that conversion rate optimization (CRO) is about arbitrarily tweaking page elements. Some think it’s limited to landing pages—which seems perplexingly arbitrary to us. CRO applies to every customer interaction in the business, through the whole customer lifetime experience. The following list contains some of the unconventional things we’ve done to grow businesses measurably by increasing conversions. If you submit your own, we’ll add the best to the list:

  • Proposing the design of what turned out to be a new product—a best-selling Halloween costume—based on insights gleaned from visitors’ search terms.
  • Hiring a celebrity doctor to be a figurehead for a health supplements company. Also, hiring TV presenter Sarah Beeny to be a figurehead for e-commerce store LED Hut.
  • Investigating how an electronics product could be packaged for sale on home shopping TV.
  • Initiating the redesign of self-build sheds, to improve the client’s Net Promoter Score.
  • Redesigning the packaging of a third-party travel adapter, to increase its usability, and thus reduce calls to customer service.
  • Years before Groupon existed, persuading a voucher-codes website to email its subscribers every day.
  • Converting an education lead-gen site into becoming a highly successful education provider.
  • Persuading a client to partner with one of its biggest competitors.
  • Designing a viral refer-a-friend program that became the third-highest source of customer acquisition for a telecoms company.
  • Changing the revenue model of several clients.
  • Designing a crowdfunding campaign for a client. (It became the largest raise that the platform, CrowdCube, had ever done.)
  • Creating and testing explainer videos, to optimize their conversion rate. (We believe there’s a big opportunity to take online videos that have won A/B tests and run them on TV against traditional TV ads. Most TV ads would be easy to beat.)
  • Designing and optimizing a mobile app for a real estate company.
  • Getting one of our clients’ products recommended in the New York Times’ best-selling book, The Four-Hour Body—to provide a proof element that could be incorporated into the product’s landing page.

Very few of the examples above involved landing pages. But they were all about increasing conversion rates, and in ways that were measurable.

Method marketing gallery

Common CRO opportunities

Each company has its opportunities for increasing conversions. The following activities, though, work well in many companies:

  • Building the relationship with visitors via regular follow-up—with an email autoresponder sequence or lead-generation welcome pack.
  • Becoming more than a transactional store—becoming a community and a trusted adviser.
  • Creating and optimizing a tell-a-friend program.
  • Cross-selling on your thank-you page, which can increase your net profit considerably, because you have already acquired the customers, so the additional gross profit goes straight to the bottom line.

Look beyond landing pages

Are there parts of your business that have been untouched by CRO? Perhaps they appear to be off limits. Such “blind spots” are often the biggest opportunities.

What are the quirkiest things you’ve done for CRO?

We’d love to hear things you’ve done that don’t fall within the traditional boundaries of CRO. If you let us know, we’ll add the best ones to this page (and give you credit, of course).

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