“More than doubled revenue,” says Big Interview, a software company

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Big Interview provides software for job interview training.

A transcript of an interview with the client

“The results of working with Conversion Rate Experts have been really awesome. We more than doubled revenue from our consumer business—which was totally unexpected. We have a very clear plan now for how to achieve even more growth, and there’s a ton of ideas that we’re still waiting to deploy now that we expect to yield even bigger and better results. Between the actual dollars and the results and the process, it’s been a real big boon for us.

“We more than doubled revenue from our consumer business—which was totally unexpected.”

“My name is Alex Andrei. I’m one of the co-founders of Big Interview. Big Interview is an online interview training platform. We help people prepare for job interviews. So if you have an interview coming up, historically, your only options have been to buy a book on interviewing or practice in the mirror. We give you another alternative, which is to come to our site, learn proper interview technique—but also, most importantly, you have the ability to practice your interview skills.

“Between the actual dollars and the results and the process, it’s been a real big boon for us.”

“Conversion rates are really important for us, because it’s a measure of health for our business. So we realize that even though we have millions of people visiting our site, not as many were becoming customers as we felt should be. We tried a variety of things, but there was no cohesive strategy. It was much more “seat of our pants” in terms of approaches. We weren’t 100% sure who our customer was, what they wanted, what their outcomes were precisely, so that’s why we sought out the best in the business when it came to that skill set.

“We decided to work with Conversion Rate Experts after reviewing a bunch of different alternatives. We felt they had the most experience in this area. They had so many examples of success and past experience and a great client list that we felt pretty confident that this investment would make sense for us.

“The experience of working with Conversion Rate Experts was really awesome. Walking us through the whole process; everything we were going to be doing from the research phase to execution; spending all the time and energy and effort, really digging into our business, into who our customers are, into what their desire and needs and outcomes are; really giving us some clarity on some approaches on how to reach them; and how to make improvements and how to make changes.

“The experience of working with Conversion Rate Experts was really awesome.”

“So we’ve had amazing results from working with Conversion Rate Experts. We more than doubled our consumer revenue. We now have a very clear plan and methodology for testing going forward. There’s a ton of other ideas that we’re waiting to deploy. So overall, we couldn’t be happier. One of the dangers when we were picking a consultant is that the advice you’re getting could be very abstract or not very useful. That’s not the case here. CRE basically gives you the blueprint.

“We couldn’t be happier.”

“I’d recommend Conversion Rate Experts to any growing company. If you’re looking for someone, looking for a firm that’s gonna hold your best interest at heart, CRE is the place to be.”

“CRE basically gives you the blueprint.”

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