Our book is out—after 12 years in the making. It’s the ultimate guide to growing any web business.

The ultimate blueprint for rapid growth

Last updated: July 2017

We were chatting with the CEO of one of our clients.

He kept raving about “the book.”

He told us how “the book” never left his side. He carried it from meeting to meeting. He used it as his roadmap.

We had no idea what he was talking about. So we sheepishly asked.

He laughed. It turned out that “the book” was the Blueprint Report for Rapid Growth that our team had written about his business. He loved it so much, he’d had it printed and bound. He had forgotten that we had never seen it in book form.

“The book” became his manual for growth. And grow he did. He recently sold his business for $50 million.

Become our client and we’ll create “the book”—a bespoke Blueprint Report for Rapid Growth—for your business.

An example of a bespoke Blueprint Report for Rapid Growth. Each report is the culmination of a lot of work to understand a business’s optimal strategy and its biggest opportunities.

Here’s how we’ll do it. Our multidisciplinary team will use sophisticated tools and techniques to gather everything we need to know about your business. We’ll then analyze the data and run it through the new version of our CRE Methodology—which we’ve optimized while growing the world’s fastest growing companies.

The resulting Blueprint Report for Rapid Growth will typically have 100–130 pages. We’ll print and bind copies for your colleagues. The report is great for winning the hearts and minds of key team members and senior staff—which helps you to grow even faster.

Inside the Blueprint Report

The report contains all the information and analyses that we have found to be most useful to scientifically grow profits.

If you’d like to explore having a bespoke Blueprint Report for Rapid Growth for your company, act now; our team can take on only two of these assignments each month, and we consider inquiries on a first come, first served basis.

To find out more, just contact us (ask for details of the Blueprint Report for Rapid Growth). If you’re a good fit, then we’ll discuss the next steps. We’ll work with you only if we’re confident that we’ll be able to get great success for your business.

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