Tips and tools: 42 tools for onboarding users, 10 tips for customer referrals, how to get enterprises to buy from you, and more

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Last updated: November 2019

Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another

(We don’t profit from recommending things. We just love sharing things we think you’ll appreciate. You can see our other Tips and Tools articles here.)

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Below, we have bookmarked several great libraries of free stock images. (By the way, the image above is what you get when you search a library of free stock images for the phrase “free stock images.”)

Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another:

  • Book summaries: The entrepreneur Derek Sivers reviews the books he reads. His list is becoming a great resource.
  • Explainer videos: Most marketing explainer videos are bad. CGP Grey’s explainer videos aren’t trying to sell anything, but they are great. The one about “The Rules for Rulers” shows how effective the medium can be.
  • Free stock images: Pexels and Unsplash are great. “Stock images that don’t suck” contains some other useful resources.
  • Get more referrals: RewardStream wrote a good summary of 10 tips to encourage customer referrals.
  • Learning languages: The easiest way to be perceived as having improved at learning a language is to develop a good accent. FluentIn3Months describes some practical tips for improving your accent.
  • Bought a new MacBook Pro?: This and this are the most useful guides we’ve found for identifying which cables and adapters you need to buy. We found them to be more useful than Apple’s own guide.
  • Optimizing sales scripts: In this Google Doc, someone has applied the Voss Negotiation technique to the script given to Hillary Clinton’s canvassers.
  • If your customers are influenced by peer pressure: Kevin Simler has written a great article introducing the concept of “crony beliefs,” beliefs that people have not because the belief has real-world merit, but because the belief confers social advantages, helping a person to show off, suck up, or fit in. The more your customers are influenced by peer pressure, the more useful it is that you understand this concept.
  • Onboarding users: Appcues published a great list of 42 essential user onboarding tools to drive your app’s growth. In particular, by our friend Samuel Hulick is a great resource of onboarding funnels for your swipe file.
  • Selling SaaS to enterprises: EnterpriseReady is an amazing guide for any software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that wants to sell to enterprises. The guide argues that selling to enterprises is mainly about building for enterprises. It describes the features that enterprises need most, and why they need them. It then describes how to implement those features, with examples.

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