Conversion Rate Experts generated “well over seven figures” for Corporate Finance Institute, an education company

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Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is a leading global provider of online training and education for finance and investment professionals.

The Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) team in the boardroom
“We chose Conversion Rate Experts because they are the best,” says Gwyn Pritchett, CTO of CFI.

A short audio interview with the client

(The sound quality isn’t as good as it normally would be. The interview was recorded during the early days of lockdown in 2020.)

A transcript of the audio

“Working with CRE was a fantastic experience. We learned so much about our customers that we didn’t know before—the journey from beginning to end, what our customers cared about. We learned more in a period of a month than we would have learned in a year just doing it on our own. And so it feels like CRE is part of the team. We just kept producing tons of interesting tests and seeing results. It’s worth well over seven figures to us.

“My name is Gwyn Pritchett. I’m CTO of Corporate Finance Institute. CFI is an online e-learning platform. Our mission is to help anyone become a world-class financial analyst.

“Conversion is important to CFI. We want to get as many people looking at our site as we can. And when they’re there, if our courses are right for them, we’d love them to sign up.

“We didn’t try other approaches in the sense of doing any significant A/B testing before CRE. We were and are a rapidly growing company—still a startup. We probably didn’t have the bandwidth in-house to do it. The budget wasn’t there. And the traffic wasn’t there, either. So we knew that conversion optimization was important. We had to take it seriously. That’s why we chose CRE.

We chose them because they’re the best. We looked at the website. We looked at the testimonials. We loved reading their book. And we thought they would be a partner that would guide us through a process. And, ideally, they would become almost like a team member—which they have done. They don’t assume anything. I guess it’s their entire philosophy.

“They really care about understanding our customers deeply and care about learning about us. They care a lot about just the user journey and students in general—whether they’re paying or not. There’s other things we’re optimizing for, which are just as exciting, so, you know, the amount that students use our site or the amount that students download brochures. That has actually surprised me that CRE also works on those kinds of tests, beyond just thinking about revenue.

CRE works best, I think, for companies that are willing to listen and change, and willing to consider CRE to be like a partner and help them grow together. And that’s worked great for us.”

The Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) team
“We learned more in a period of a month than we would have learned in a year just doing it on our own.”

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