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How to convince your company (or clients) to focus on conversion

Last updated: August 2017

If your colleagues aren’t persuaded that conversion is important, send them this article. It contains the same video we send to our clients’ teams.

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Conversion is a team activity. If your bosses, co-workers, and employees don’t share your vision and enthusiasm, you’ll struggle to get results. Before you can convert your visitors, you must convert your co-workers. We discovered this the hard way. In our early days, we noticed that though many of our client projects moved rapidly, a few of them stumbled along the same rocky path:

  • Phase 1: We’d be hired by a “kindred spirit”—someone who was excited about conversion and liked our approach to it.
  • Phase 2: The project would be delegated by the Kindred Spirit to others who didn’t understand what conversion rate optimization (CRO) was, never mind why it was essential to a company’s success.

As a result, we started to feel less like we were part of a team of people pulling in the same direction, and more like salmon swimming upstream.

A simple video that made a big difference

Then we had a breakthrough. We created an “onboarding” video, which we now send to every member of a client’s team before a project begins, including to the developers, graphic designers, UX designers, “brand police,” and legal teams. It describes the vital few things that everyone should know about CRO, including:

We also began inviting everyone in our clients’ teams to sign up to our email newsletter, because the more they learn, the more they’re empowered. Just because someone doesn’t have the word “conversion” in his or her job title doesn’t mean that CRO knowledge can’t change the course of his or her career.

The video—and email newsletter invites—worked even better than we had hoped. Now when we start a new project, the client’s team is usually enthusiastic because it has the background on what we’re doing and why.

Of course, we still encounter people who don’t “get” CRO no matter how much we explain it, but these days they tend to be outnumbered by the people who do understand its importance. In fact, several of our clients have adopted our methodology far beyond the “conversion department.” (For further details, read this interview with one of our clients, whom we helped to become the UK’s fifth-fastest-growing company.)

Here’s the video:


The current version of the “onboarding” video that we send to each member of a client’s team. If you have seen any of our talks before, you may wish to skip the introduction and start at the 5:38 minutes point.

Even if your company has no plans of ever becoming a client of ours, you’ll find the video useful. If you’re short of time, just forward this article to your colleagues. If you have more time, feel free to adopt the structure of the talk and give a customized presentation to your team.

The first section of the video, up to 5:38 minutes point, answers the question “Who are Conversion Rate Experts and why should you listen to us?” If you already know the answer, then you may wish to skip that part. And if you’re adapting the talk for your own use, then replace that section with evidence of your own experience and expertise. Remember, if the listeners aren’t persuaded that you know what you’re talking about, they will question everything that follows.

Don’t keep your CRO know-how to yourself

When we started Conversion Rate Experts, we felt that educating a client’s wider team was a chore that stood in the way of our doing the real work. We soon realized that it’s a core CRO skill. In fact, perhaps the most important aspect of our service is that we help our clients to adopt the practices of the most successful web companies.

So before you convert your visitors, you must convert your co-workers. Don’t keep your CRO know-how to yourself. To get massive success you need to multiply your knowledge and effort over as many people as possible.

What you should do now

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