Tips and tools: Easy conversion calculators; DIY videos; and horrendous panoramic dogs

Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another

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An easy way to add a calculator to your website

Easily create a calculator and add it to your website.

ConvertCalculator allows you to add calculators to your website easily. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking it’s for creating conversion calculators; it’s for creating anything that does calculations. The examples on its website are for a quote builder, a pricing calculator, a solar-power calculator, a mortgage calculator, a sunglasses configurator, and a price-savings calculator.

An easy way to create videos

A screenshot from Lumen5’s homepage.
Lumen5 makes it easy to turn scripts into videos.

Lumen5 makes it easy to turn a script into a video. If you watch some of the examples on its homepage, you’ll probably realize you have already seen videos that were made by it.

If you need to add stock video footage to your videos, Pond5 is a good library.

CanIEmail shows you which aspects of HTML and CSS are compatible with each email client

A screenshot of CanIEmail, showing which email clients support “background-image”
A screenshot of CanIEmail, showing which email clients support the “background-image” feature.

CanIEmail tells you which features of HTML and CSS are supported by each version of popular email clients.

CanIUse shows you which aspects of HTML and CSS are compatible with each browser

A screenshot of CanIUse, showing which web browsers support scrollIntoView.
A screenshot of CanIUse, showing which web browsers support the “scrollIntoView” feature.

It’s not new, but just in case you didn’t know, CanIUse tells you which features of HTML and CSS are supported by each version of popular browsers.

A way to learn regular expressions (regex)

A screenshot of RegExr’s homepage
RegExr allows you to create regular expressions, and see what they do.

RegExr is a way of testing your regular expressions—and, in the process, learning how regex works.

We previously recommended a great guide to learning regex in this article.

By accident, we discovered a nice feature in WordPress. To add a link when you’re writing a post, you don’t have to click the “add link” button or type CMD+K or CTRL+K. You can simply highlight the text onto which you want to add the link, paste the URL over it, and it intelligently understands what you’re trying to do.

Typing CMD+K isn’t a huge hassle, but we get a tiny dose of joy whenever we do it the new WordPress way. We wish the feature existed in other writing apps.

Understand fonts by knowing their 20 components

A screenshot of the index page of the TypeTerms website, showing a font annotated with all the terms that compose it.
You can click on those 20 font components to see descriptions of them.

Type Terms is a great way to learn the 20 components that make up a font. It’s not that you need to know the terms, but being aware of the concepts will help you to discern why a font looks the way it does.

A pattern library of accessible web components

Screenshot of the accessible pattern for switches.
The pattern library contains patterns for accessible web components.

We have written before about how accessibility is good for profits. Well, here’s a pattern library of accessible web components (accordions, switches, tooltips, etc.) that you might want to use as starting blocks to which you can add your website’s styles.

News from within Conversion Rate Experts

“Almost doubled revenue to $1.3 million”

We are excited to have just published a great new testimonial. It’s from glimp, a broadband comparison website.

“We engaged CRE to try to take us to the next level—which they’ve done,” says Michael Speight, co-founder of glimp.

See the video (and a transcript of it).

You can see all 109 of our testimonials and success stories here.

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And finally…

Animals photobombing panoramic photos

A distorted panoramic photo of a dog.
Panoramic photos and animals don’t mix. We found some of these photos funny.

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