How to beat most professional copywriters

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Last updated: May 2019

Do you want to learn the “vital few” copywriting techniques that have the greatest impact on profits?

Below, you’ll find the slides and video from a webcast we co-presented with Paras Chopra, the founder and CEO of Visual Website Optimizer.

Paras has a wealth of experience with online testing. He started his company with no external funding—and his main competitor was Google. His software now powers A/B testing for over 3,000 companies including Microsoft, Groupon and Walt Disney.

Our advice comes from years of experience increasing conversion rates for the world’s most successful websites.

What you’ll get from the slides and video:

  • Case studies: Three real-world A/B tests, and the lessons they teach us.
  • The “vital few” most effective copywriting techniques-with which you can beat most professional copywriters. (If this sounds impossible, remember that most professional copywriters don’t split-test their work.)
  • A winning copywriting template you can use to sell almost any product.

The slides

The slides from the talk, several of which will be baffling without the audio (see the video below).

A video of the talk


A video of the talk.

The talk in podcast format

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Resources mentioned during the talk

Screen-recording software

Feedback software

The mechanics of writing well

Some valuable resources from Visual Website Optimizer

Possibly useful links (depending on who you are) from Conversion Rate Experts

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