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Last updated: December 2019

The word “culture” in wooden letters

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” —Peter Drucker. “Culture books eat strategy books for brunch.” —Conversion Rate Experts.

The world’s most successful technology companies follow new, forward-thinking rules.

They encourage their staff to move quickly, act autonomously, and constantly experiment. Many of their working practices would seem alien to a traditional project manager or HR consultant.

Fortunately, such companies also tend to publish how they work.

The list below contains company manuals and culture books from many of the world’s most successful businesses. If you want to grow fast and build an incredible team, they are an amazing source of inspiration.

We hope you find them useful:

If you are interested in how we work, you can see The Conversion Rate Experts culture book and our values, which have been key to our success.

We also like the following articles about culture:

Please let us know if you discover any other culture books—or great resources for managing companies.

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