“CRE lives up to the hype,” says Ben Coltrin of Custody X Change

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Custody X Change is a SaaS company that helps separated parents improve their co-parenting outcomes through better scheduling and parenting plans.

A short video interview with the client

“It’s fun to work with people who really know what they’re doing,” says Ben Coltrin, President of Custody X Change.

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A transcript of the video

Working with Conversion Rate Experts, we’ve grown the business about 25%. I think the best part has been the ideas they brought, their methodology, and the collaboration where we’ve been able to work together.

“They’re tweaking it in a way that I wouldn’t have tried, implementing things a different way, and testing ideas that are well-researched. And so it’s fun to work with people who really know what they’re doing because I get to learn also. Conversion Rate Experts care about their company, their brand, their customers.

“My name’s Ben Coltrin, and I’m the President of Custody X Change. It’s a software that helps vastly improve your co-parenting outcomes.

“Over the last twenty years, We’ve been able to help tens of thousands of parents go through this difficult process of separating through better scheduling and parenting plans. I love hearing the success stories that parents have. When they were in a difficult situation, and we were able to make it just a little easier for them.

Ben walking with his family.

Before working with Conversion Rate Experts, I had done a lot of tests—a couple hundred split tests. And I’d been able to triple, quadruple the revenue of the business, which helped me to grow it and hire people until now I have a small team.

“One of the reasons why I wanted to use Conversion Rate Experts was because I stalled. I have tried other agencies before Conversion Rate Experts and wasn’t super impressed.

“I also hired an in-house person to do conversion rate optimization for me. And he couldn’t move fast enough. He worked for about six months, and we didn’t make a lot of progress.

“I followed Conversion Rate Experts for a number of years. They’re the number one brand in the space. And I wanted to see if they lived up to the hype. My biggest concern was I feel like I am a particularly difficult client because I have done so many tests. Are they going to give a positive ROI? The easy wins are gone. So, you know, I took a leap of faith, and I haven’t been disappointed. They did live up to the hype.

“The difference in working with Conversion Rate Experts is the focus on research and using the research to inform better test ideas.

“The tests that Conversion Rate Experts are doing aren’t tests that I would have done on my own. CRE tests really fast, which is phenomenal to get that pace of testing. To try so many things so quickly gives you more chances to get wins. The odds of finding something that’s going to work is so much higher. You work on a business to try to grow it so you can help more people. So it feels good.

The Custody X Change homepage.

“I personally am excited to continue working with Conversion Rate Experts. I’ve been with them for one year, and I just recently signed another contract.

I would definitely recommend you work with CRE.”

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