Tips and tools: Digging deeper into primal needs, artificial intelligence, and why your speed of learning matters

Published: May 2023

Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another

(We don’t profit from recommending things. We just love sharing things we think you’ll appreciate. You can see our other Tips and Tools articles here.)

These links aren’t the journey’s end, but they started us down some great rabbit holes. Grab your flashlight and dive in!

Why great copywriters dig deep into their prospect’s very humanity

A photo of a US bill

In issue #314 of the Very Good Copy newsletter, Eddie Shleyner shows how copywriters “drill down” into a product or service. The goal is to uncover a more primal benefit.

The process is simpler than you’d think AND more powerful than you might imagine. (We’ve used it often.)

Bonus: We love the “P.S.” that sits below the ad for Eddie’s landing page course. It’s a great example of thinking past a potential problem.

How the value of AI deepens (massively) when we ask better questions

A response using only Emoji’s from Bing.
In the definitive test of 21st-century communication, Bing AI aces speaking in emoji.

If you haven’t dug deep into AI, start with this. Professor Ethan Mollick shows what happens when we ask smarter questions of Microsoft Bing (which now integrates GPT-4).

Their article also has a great title: Power and Weirdness - going deeper with Bing AI.

40 useful concepts—but how many do you know?

The Prism logo.

We enjoyed Gurwinder’s list of 40 useful concepts. Although the descriptions are short—this began as a Twitter thread—he includes links to deeper information.

  • Concepts 5, 6, and 31 speak to the value of going deeper.
  • Concept 19 seemed inconceivable (until curiosity forced us to look closer).
  • Concept 33 is featured on the flowchart in our personal workflows article.

How many of the concepts do you know?

Why your speed of learning may matter more than your experience

On GitHub, we discovered this “weekend thought” from Stanford Professor John Ousterhout. It’s a (math-backed) message of hope to anyone worried about being a rookie.

A graph shows two lines rising over time. One starts much higher on the Y axis but is quickly intercepted by a lower line with a steeper upward angle.

We particularly enjoyed the following line (because it made us feel better about concept 19):

“…if you just every day think about learning a little bit more and getting a little bit better, lots of small steps, it’s amazing how quickly you can catch up and become a real expert in the field.”

At Conversion Rate Experts, we’ve freely published our best thinking since 2006. Find a rabbit that looks interesting and follow it down. That’s where the treasure is!

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