Tips and tools: An easy way to send direct mail; Google tools for WordPress; and more…

Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another

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An easy way to send direct mail

Screenshot of Inkit’s homepage.
Inkit makes it easy to send direct mail.

Many of our clients have had success by translating their winning online messages into offline media. (We describe an interesting direct-mail win in Conversion for mobile: how we helped grow a FinTech company by 470%.)

Actually sending the direct mail can be fiddly, though. A new service called Inkit makes it easy to design, print, send, and even A/B-test postcards. It’s like an email service provider but for offline mail. You can see details of how it works in its Support Area.

A WordPress plugin from Google

Google has created a WordPress plugin called Site Kit that integrates four Google products—Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights—into your WordPress website.

Screenshot of Site Kit’s homepage.
Site Kit makes it easy to add the Google tools you use to improve your website.

Improve your website by seeing it through the eyes of your users who have disabilities

As we explained in this article, accessibility is important not just morally but also financially.

Funkify is a Chrome extension that “lets you experience your website through the eyes of extreme users with different abilities and disabilities.” It helps you learn in a deep, empathic way what some of your visitors struggle with. (We were uncomfortable with some of its persona names.)

Screenshot of Funkify’s homepage.
What Google looks like with partial vision loss.

The world’s most densely highlighted books

As you’ll know if you have read our book Making Websites Win, we love books that are dense with ideas. The article What books are highlighted the most densely ranks books in order of what percentage of their content has been highlighted by someone.

A way to export your Kindle highlights

On the subject of highlights, you may find useful. It allows you to export your Kindle highlights into other formats so you can edit, share, or publish them.

Screenshot of homepage lets you share your Kindle highlights.

Modular bins for keeping drawers tidy

If you’re a fan of the 5S methodology for organizing your workplace, then you’ll appreciate MadeSmart interlocking bins. They are great for keeping your pens apart from your paperclips.

MadeSimple organizer bins.
MadeSimple bins are modular, so they are particularly useful for odd-shaped drawers.

Some compact games for the holidays

If you’re traveling over the holidays, you might be interested to hear that this summer, we researched games that were compact enough to take on vacation—and we bought a lot of them. Here are the ones that proved to be the most popular. All of them were popular with the adults, but we also mention the minimum recommended age. We have listed them with our favorites at the top:

  • Hanabi (for age 10+) is a cooperative game in which players can’t see their own cards. The version we have linked to is the nicest one—the pieces are of higher quality and it comes in a compact, metal tin—but its rules are in German, so you’d need to get them online.
  • One Night Ultimate Werewolf (for age 10+) is a version of the fun game Werewolf that can be played with just three players (and up to ten players). It’s a game of bluffing that creates many comical situations.
  • Rhino Hero (for age 4+) is like a more interesting version of Jenga. If you aren’t constrained by space, we prefer Rhino Hero Super Battle (for age 5+).
  • Kingdomino (for age 6+) is less compact but still has a good fun-to-size ratio.
  • Love Letter (for age 8+) is incredibly compact, having just 16 game cards, 4 reference cards, and 13 small red wooden cubes.
  • The Mind (for age 6+) is weird: it’s a cooperative game in which none of the players are allowed to communicate with one another in any way. At first, it feels more like an impossible magic trick than a game. Right now, it’s out of stock in most places. We paid just $14 for it, so you might want to wait until it becomes more widely available.
  • Sushi Go! (for age 6+) is a simple game that involves collecting sets of sushi cards.
The Sushi Go! box and some of the cards.
Sushi Go! may look all cutesy, but just wait till someone starts hogging the puddings.

If you’re traveling with the games, you can make some of them more compact by taking them out of their boxes and putting their components into sandwich bags.

At the other (extreme) end of the spectrum, we have been enjoying the mammoth game Gloomhaven, which weighs 10 kg, requires its own organizer, and has rules that took us over ten hours to learn.

(We don’t profit from recommending any products; we just love sharing things that have improved our lives.)

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Our Limeade Listening award
We are proud to have won a Limeade Listening award for being a great company to work for.

We have won a Limeade Listening award for our industry-leading scores for team happiness, company culture, personal development, communication and transparency, talent retention and attraction, and performance recognition.

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We are hiring front-end developers

If you know anyone who’d like to join our team—particularly front-end developers—then please send them to our “Careers” page.

And finally…

A fantastic lesson in method acting (and therefore method marketing)

We have no ambitions to enter show business, but we learned a lot from the following acting lesson: Part 1 (the intro) and Part 2 (the exercise).

The lesson’s message illuminates why method marketing is so incredibly effective.

Be warned that the lesson is emotionally difficult—in fact, that’s the whole point.

Thumbnail of the video about how to act realistically.
Method acting is all about empathy, which is why it’s so brilliantly applicable to marketing.

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