“The results have been absolutely spectacular” for a digital marketing agency

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The marketing agency and investment company behind Trackonomics regularly refers its clients to us for their conversion needs.

A short video interview with the agency

A transcript of the video

“The results have been absolutely spectacular. I always had faith that they would produce results, but I didn’t quite think they’d be as good as they were.

“My name’s Robert Gray from a company called Domnet Digital. I’m the director of it and we’re based up in Edinburgh.

“One of the most important factors to an online business is your conversion rate. If you’re pushing traffic to it and you’ve got a bad conversion rate, then you’re going to have a real issue justifying paying for your leads. So, in terms of that, conversion rate is really, really important.

“We’re not experts in conversion rate, so we follow the basics with our clients, but it’s not something that we do. So, I’ve always been looking for someone to partner with, that can compliment what we do, and I’d say CRE is the perfect solution for any online marketing agency.

“I’d say CRE is the perfect solution for any online marketing agency.”

“We’ve worked with CRE for a few months now. I read about them before and I’ve met them about a year ago. But my experience is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone, whether you’re a client or an agency. Conversion rate is such a big, big variable and so many different things affect it that they can really help on many different facets of your site. You can be talking about improving your conversion on your email marketing, your checkout, various pages—there’s a million and one different ways to approach it and they know the best way to do that. So, my experience has been absolutely fantastic with them.

“I would recommend them to anyone, whether you’re a client or an agency.”

“It’s had a huge effect on our agency because it makes everything we do much more productive for our clients. Which means they have more money to spend on their SEO or their AdWords campaigns, or whatever it is. So, it improves efficiency across all your channels. It’s a great thing for any agency in their armory, I would say.

“The best part of CRE is everyone within my agency learns a great deal: their processes, their structures. All the consultants have a huge experience in online marketing, across all the channels. So we’ve learned a lot, not just in conversion but a huge range of other things. It is very useful for our clients as well, because they see the processes, how the whole system works. And then they can then act upon that and—going forward—on their other businesses.

“I think I would basically say, ‘Get on the phone and give them a call and start speaking to them.’ They have a very structured process of who they work with. You’ve got to have scale and volume with your site. So, they do a qualified process to see if they think they can add value to you. So, if they say they can work with you, I’m 100% convinced that they’ll add value to your business.”

“If they say they can work with you, I’m 100% convinced that they’ll add value to your business.”

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