Conversion rate more than doubled for DS Smith ePack, a B2B packaging company

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DS Smith is a leading global packaging company.

A short video interview with the client

“Our cost-per-acquisition has halved,” says Fabrice Clerc-Renaud, Managing Director of DS Smith ePack.

A transcript of the video

“The results from CRE were very significant. Our conversion rate has more than doubled. Consequently, our cost-per-acquisition has been halved.

“All the benefits that we have implemented thanks to CRE will have a long-term effect. Our ROI from our media buying is above 300%. And before working with CRE, it was below 100%. So our media buying investment has been delivering much more results thanks to the increase in conversion rate. It was essentially one of the best suppliers we had.

“My name is Fabrice Clerc-Renaud. I am the Managing Director of DS Smith ePack, providing packaging for small- and medium-sized companies. We are today operating in the UK, and we are now expanding across Europe.

“Conversion rate optimization is important to ourselves. As an e-commerce platform, we need to basically make sure that all the customers that we attract convert as much as possible, driving cost-per-acquisition down.

“We launched in March 2018 and, essentially, we were optimizing our conversion rate internally. Despite having done a lot of trials and implementations in-house, we were really struggling to achieve a substantial leap in our conversion rate.

“When we discovered CRE, we were impressed, first of all, by the references they had in the e-commerce landscape. We were also very positively impressed by their data-driven approach, by the level of detail using A/B testing exhaustively to achieve results, which we thought was exactly what we needed at the time.

Our experience working with CRE has been very positive. Since the beginning, we have seen a partner that is committed to delivering results, who were involved in every single phase of the project, in every single step of their methodology, and we have clearly seen a tangible output from every single phase.

“We have also seen a very high level of flexibility. Sometimes our traffic was not enough, and CRE has come with very creative solutions instead of just pointing out problems. It was very easy from a customer perspective. Their analytics team implemented all the tools and took over all the analysis. During the COVID crisis they were very proactive in asking us if we needed any help.

“We were a little bit skeptical CRE was going to achieve a significant result in six months, given that we have been trying with very little success for one year and a half. The second major concern was essentially whether our traffic and current traffic to the website was going to be enough. And I have to say that both concerns were solved successfully.

When we started the project, our conversion rate was about 1.5%. We have clearly seen a very substantial increase: 3.4%. So we have basically seen more than double during this six-month period. Thanks to CRE, we have relaunched a new homepage. We have modified our checkout process, and we are now about to modify our product page.”

“If you are a startup business and you need to increase your conversion rate, CRE can definitely help you. Their methodology is effective. It’s successful. It’s data-driven. And I definitely recommend it.”

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