How we work with e‑commerce and retail companies

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Dyson
  • Sony
  • Vodafone
  • Carrefour
  • Dell
  • SimpliSafe
  • Morph Costumes
  • LED Hut
  • Defshop

Some of our clients in e-commerce and retail.

“If you double the number of experiments you do per year you’re going to double your inventiveness”—Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.

Our e-commerce and retail team has helped to grow the following organizations:

  • Ambitious e-commerce startups (Morphsuits, LED Hut, and SimpliSafe)
  • Market-leading e-commerce businesses (Amazon, Apple, Dell)
  • Other companies that are heavily investing in e-commerce (Dyson, Sony, Vodafone, and O2)
  • The world’s leading Silicon Valley companies (including Google and Facebook).

They understand your opportunities, challenges, and threats, and can help you to identify them, address them, and deliver huge growth for your business (and career).

How we help e-commerce and retail companies

We have developed a unique methodology that is proven to increase the profits of e-commerce and retail companies. We help clients to achieve the following:

  • Optimize the customer experience of websites and apps. Make it easier for visitors to buy online.
  • Measurably reduce the number of visitors who abandon during the checkout process, inundating contact centers with calls.
  • Increase average order value by optimizing up-sells and cross-sells.
  • Create strong online positioning and branding to differentiate from competitors, generate PR, increase word-of-mouth, and grow market share.
  • Dramatically improve UX, design and copy to persuade more visitors to engage and buy from advertising, landing pages, websites, apps, emails, contact centres and retail stores.
  • Implement refer-a-friend programs that generate new customers—and customer testimonials— from positive word-of-mouth.
  • Leverage customer reviews and social proof to increase sales.
  • Profit from lead-generation and email-nurturing programs for visitors who “are still researching.”
  • Increase lifetime customer value with loyalty programs and communities.
  • Reduce customer-service calls and complaints, and incorporate web-based self-service platforms.
  • Reduce advertising risk and marketing risk. Before a new campaign goes live, find out if it will increase—or reduce—sales.
  • Test new products and services—and marketing campaigns—by leveraging analytics, research and experimentation.
  • Map the entire customer journey, identifying and prioritizing which touchpoints are bottlenecks that need improvement.
  • Multi-channel tracking, attribution and experimentation. Transfer winning online campaigns offline.
  • Speed up time-to-market. Reduce the time it takes to plan, test, get stakeholder approval, and then launch new marketing initiatives and messaging.
  • Test and optimize pricing models. Promote the most popular and profitable products across channels—and across devices—with minimal drop-out.
  • Increase market share. Stop visitors and customers from being lost to competitors. Counter the threat of startups, by becoming more digital-centric. Plan for international expansion, by increasing the certainty of launching successfully.
  • Identify opportunities for growth that need no additional budget.
  • Improve the return on investment (ROI) from existing advertising and marketing budgets.
  • Create a culture of customer-centric decision-making. Know when—and how—to A/B-test marketing propositions.

See the results we’ve achieved

Each experiment we run is logged in a database, so we know for certain what works. Contact us, and we’ll send you a list of the types and sizes of wins we’ve had for companies like yours.

Testimonials and case studies from our e‑commerce and retail clients

Vodafone is a multinational telecoms company.

“They increased our conversion rate by 300%.”

SimpliSafe designs—and markets—home security alarms.

Five-times increase in revenue.

We have helped TopCashback to be one of the 100 fastest-growing companies in the UK. For three years in a row.

“Sales nearly tripled.”

Mobal sells international cell phones.

“Tripled sales within 12 months to $9.1 million.” is an online travel operator.

From £17 million to £31 million per year.

DefShop is one of Europe’s leading online hip-hop clothing retailers.

Doubled the sales of some of the best-selling brands. allows users to compare and purchase broadband services.

Sales nearly tripled.

We helped Morphsuits to become the 18th-fastest-growing company in the UK.

63% increase in sales.

Francisco Bustos, CEO and founder of daFlores.

“Our profits have gone increasingly up.”

LED Hut is the UK’s market-leading online seller of LED bulbs.

“The results have been extremely positive.”

Managing Director of the UK's largest printer-ink company.

“If you’re serious about getting the best results … then they are the number-one choice.”

Marketing Director of the UK's largest printer-ink company.

“We were turning over £1 million. Now we’re turning over £36 million.”

AlgaeCal is a health e-commerce company.

“You’re just losing money every day that you don’t hire CRE.”

Norman Records is an online record store. Econsultancy described its website as a “masterclass of e-commerce design.”

“Seeing growth quicker than we expected.”

Nazli Yuzak, Senior Digital Optimization Consultant at Dell.

“If you don’t have a solid conversion rate plan, I would definitely advise you to get in touch with Conversion Rate Experts.”

Julian Hearn is the CEO and founder of Huel, a “nutritionally complete” food.

“£3 million added revenue per calendar year.”


Tesalate is a market-leading fashion brand.

“Our company grew exponentially”

MitoQ is a provider of health supplements.

“200% increase in revenue.”

Giesswein is a footwear brand and manufacturer.

“20% increase in conversion rates compared to last year.”

Predator Nutrition is a bodybuilding supplements and sports nutrition company.

“We’re looking at million-pound increases.”

glimp is a broadband comparison website.

“Almost doubled revenue to $1.3 million.”

MoreNiche is an affiliate marketing company specializing in the health, beauty, and fitness industry.

“Past the seven-figure mark of increased revenue.”


Chirp designs and sells products to relieve back pain.

“We’ve seen multiple six- and seven-figure wins throughout the funnel, and are now branching out into new products based on the insights.

“I’d recommend CRE to anyone looking to grow their business.”

Bestshopping is a leading Italian cashback website.

“We have many more first purchases.

“Everybody doing business should use Conversion Rate Experts.”

Fanatical is a gaming and digital entertainment platform.

“Half a million pounds of annualized revenue uplift.”

Parts Town sells parts for the restaurant and food industry.

“20% more sales.”

DS Smith is a leading global packaging company.

“Conversion rate more than doubled. Cost-per-acquisition halved.”

ThinSlim Foods is one of the largest low-carb food companies.

“Over a million dollars in extra revenue.”

truLOCAL is a online store that lets customers buy food from nearby suppliers.

“55% increase in sales on just the home page alone. We wish we had started with Conversion Rate Experts sooner.”

Jimmy Joy is a meal replacement company based in the Netherlands.

“We’ve seen a quarter of a million euros uptick in revenue. You can calculate what you need to break even. We’re way above that point.

“Every step of the funnel, we’ve tested, found winners, and increased conversion.”

DiamondBack Covers build ultra-durable truck bed covers that lock and seal your truck bed from weather and theft.

“The results that we’ve seen have been monumental. It translated into literally millions of dollars of increased revenue for us.”

HappySelf creates multi-award-winning daily journals that promote happiness, develop positive habits, and nurture enquiring minds.

“Our business grew 50% over the last year, and a lot of this was down to the changes made with CRE.”

Parrot Print is a manufacturer and online retailer of customized print products.

“Working with Conversion Rate Experts has been phenomenal. We’ve seen a huge increase in our conversion rate.”

Alan’s Factory Outlet is an online seller of customizable carports, metal garages, and sheds.

“We’ve got some tests which were close to 100%, 64%, … we got 86%. The return on investment is close to 10x return.”

Optibac is the UK and Ireland’s most recommended brand of probiotic supplements.

“The return on investment. It’s incredible.”

Renogy is one of the biggest off-grid solar providers in the United States.

“Over $10 million in potential increased revenue.”

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