Tips and tools: How to optimize your profile photo—and other great resources we discovered recently

Last updated: July 2019

A screenshot of Photofeeder’s homepage.

Photofeeler lets you optimize your profile photo for business, social and dating. (Image credit.)

Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another

More mental models for growing businesses

We wrote about how we love mental models—which are useful frameworks for thinking about things.

This new list of mental models by Defmacro is fantastic. Schools often talk about the importance of learning “transferrable skills.” These skills are incredibly transferrable. They contain the wisdom of many lifetimes.

Ways to soundproof your office (or home)

When we moved into our offices, they were too echoey. Acoustics became the bain of our lives. On phone calls, we sounded like we were in the bath. We eventually paid thousands to an acoustics company that lined the walls with Ecophon Texona panels and the ceilings with suspended Ecophon Solo tiles. (The photos are here.) If anything, they worked too well. The room now feels like a recording studio.

We’ve recently discovered another solution to the problem: these soundproof booths by Studiobricks. They don’t just remove echo; they block out noise. They were designed for musicians but can be useful for anyone who needs quiet—or needs to be noisy without disturbing others. They are small enough to fit into almost all homes and offices, and come in parts, so they fit through a doorway.

How to manage the websites of large organizations

The UK Government’s website has been a great success story. Its guide covers almost every aspect of how it was built. The guide is a little dry but incredibly useful. It describes everything from stakeholder meetings to wireframing, coding and testing.

If you work in a large organization, you may wish to adopt the same practices.

An easy way to record your mobile user-tests

If you carry out user-tests on iOS devices, you’ll be pleased to hear that iOS 11 supports screen recording.

An app that scans your printed photos

Phone cameras can be great for scanning documents, but they don’t work so well for anything reflective, like glossy photos. The PhotoScan phone app by Google allows you to get around the problem. It gets you to take photos from a variety of angles, and then it cleverly combines them to create a reflection-free version. It’s not perfect, but it works fairly well. The Photoscanner app by Photomyne does the same thing.

A silly app that turns your iPhone into a terrible disposable camera

If you pine for the bad old days when photos took three days to be printed, the Gudak Cam iPhone app will give you some ridiculous nostalgia. It was a hit with our families over the holidays. The camera makes all the sounds of a disposable camera; it insists on taking three days to “process” the photos; and it adds a variety of exposure problems to the resulting photos.

Great resources for making your website accessible

We hope our article “Accessibility is good for profits” persuaded you to make your website easy to use for everyone. If it did, you’ll find some great tips on the Axess Lab blog. Many of the blog posts are written by visually impaired people, who describe the problems they encounter. We found the following articles particularly useful:

How to optimize your profile photo (for business or dating)

Photofeeler allows you to get feedback on your profile photo. You can optimize it for social, business or dating—or all three if you’re feeling ambitious. Photofeeler’s blog has some great tips for creating a better photo, plus a good guide to common problems with profile photos.

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