“Conversion Rate Experts helped us hit our target 18 months early,” says Entrepreneurs Circle

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Entrepreneurs Circle provides training, tools, events, coaching, and other services to entrepreneurs.

A short video interview with the client

“It’s the best experience we’ve had working with anyone external,” says Cameron Botterill, Head of Marketing for Entrepreneurs Circle.

A transcript of the video

Working with Conversion Rate Experts has triggered a real step-change in our marketing. Everything they do is just at another level compared to anyone else we’ve worked with before.

“And the results have been pretty astonishing. When you talk about conversion rate optimization, you don’t normally talk about a 60% bump in front-end conversions from your sales page. But that’s the kind of results that we’re getting. At that point, it’s all just profit going straight to the bottom line. These are people who wouldn’t have bought before, and now they’re converting.

“Because we’re a monthly subscription business, it means every bump in our conversion rate is worth thousands of pounds a month to us in new revenue. We had a target that we wanted to hit 18 months from now. And thanks to the work we’ve done with CRE—and thanks to the increases in our conversion rates and the focus it’s put on us as a team here—we’re about to smash through that target this month, way earlier than we ever thought possible.

“My name is Cameron Botterill, Head of Marketing for Entrepreneurs Circle. So Entrepreneurs Circle is the UK’s biggest and best community for ambitious entrepreneurs. We provide training, tools, resources, and coaching. We run events, we’ve won dozens of awards, and we’ve got thousands of members. And over our 10-year history, we’ve helped literally tens of thousands of small businesses to double, triple, and sometimes quadruple the size of their business.

Conversion rate optimization is really important for us as a company. It’s a real profit driver for us, more than anything. We spend a lot of time and a lot of money on marketing, but every percentage we add to the conversion rate of our pages, of our campaigns, flows straight to the bottom line.

“We’d just finished one of our biggest campaigns, and we were really keen to keep this momentum going. We dabbled a bit in trying to boost our conversion rates, but we realized that we needed to take the next step up. And the kind of company that we are, we only really wanted the best of the best.

“We’d known about CRE for quite a while. They were kind of the obvious choice. We’d read their book, Making Websites Win, which is excellent. Their emails and blog posts are some of the best around. We had a look on their website, and we came to this page, which is, like, six miles long, full of testimonials and success stories and videos. They’ve worked with some big names, some people that are similar to us. There really is no one that comes close in terms of the prestige, the experience, and the knowledge that they’ve got there. It made the decision really easy.

Working with Conversion Rate Experts is a dream come true, really, from a business-to-an-agency relationship point of view. Everything is so nicely structured and organized. They’re very responsive. They bring the ideas to the table. They present them in a really nice, succinct way. And then they go and implement them. They build the stuff. So it means that it doesn’t take much time and resources from us. It’s giving our marketing team a really clear focus and has elevated our own thinking. And as a result of that, our marketing efforts have really just gone through the roof.

“Most of the tests are getting improvements in our conversion rate. We’re seeing bumps of 5% here and 10% there. And when you put them all together, it adds up to really meaningful numbers. New members, new customers, new sales. And it’s results that we would never have been able to achieve on our own without the ideas and the expertise that these guys bring. We’ve seen a 67% bump in conversions from our front-end sales page. We’ve seen a 40% bump on our checkout page. That is all essentially free sales and money that we weren’t making before.

“If anyone is thinking about working with CRE, then I would say go for it. We’ve worked with a lot of different agencies in our time, doing all sorts of different things. And they’re just so far ahead of everyone else in terms of their thinking, their thought process, and how they work. Like, it’s not even close. They do everything at another level. It really is the best experience we’ve had working with anyone external. And the results, they literally speak for themselves.”

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