Half a million pounds for Fanatical, a gaming and digital entertainment platform

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Fanatical is a gaming and digital entertainment platform.

A short video interview with the client (filmed before the pandemic)

“I’d certainly recommend people work with CRE,” says Martin Reeves, CTO of Fanatical.

A transcript of the video

“Conversion Rate Experts have been excellent. To date, over a six-month project thus far, it’s in the region of half a million pounds of annualized revenue uplift—which is hugely important to us as a business.

“Working with Conversion Rate Experts has allowed us to greatly increase the rate of testing that we’re doing. We’ve done something in the region of 27 tests over the last four months.

The economics of working with Conversion Rate Experts makes it a no-brainer. And they’ve acted like an extension of our internal team—and that has been instrumental in delivering the excellent results that we have.

“My name is Martin Reeves. I’m the Chief Technology Officer of Fanatical. Fanatical is an e-commerce platform. It’s part of a larger business called Focus Multimedia that has 24 years’ heritage in the games industry. Fanatical really is a global business: We have customers all around the world. We have something in the region of 16 languages on-site, seven currencies, and we’re looking to expand that further.

“Conversion rate optimization is a critical part of the strategy of any e-commerce business. We were at a stage where we were potentially making wholesale changes to the user experience on the website, but there were a lot of subjective decisions being made in how we were evolving the online experience for our customers. We were finding it difficult to make a lot of paid-for marketing work for us. So from our perspective, it was critical that we were extracting as much value from our audience.

“And we wanted to become more data-driven in how we went about that. We’d already tried doing some A/B testing in-house. It was difficult to devote the degree of time and resources to do it properly. And internally, we didn’t have a lot of expertise. So we decided we wanted to learn from the best, and it was very clear from looking online that Conversion Rate Experts were an established leader in their field. When we looked at what Conversion Rate Experts had achieved with other clients that if we could get anywhere near the same degree of results with Fanatical, then it was a no-brainer.

“Conversion Rate Experts really understood the problems that we were facing with the business. It seemed like, from our perspective, there was a lot of untapped potential in our current stage of the business. And that Conversion Rate Experts could be the key to unlocking it.

“They started out by gaining a very strong understanding of our customer base. A lot of their approach to research was enlightening—and certainly helped us all around our business understand our customers better.

“Conversion Rate Experts clearly have a lot of experience and knowledge. And with that, they’ve brought a lot of ideas to the table that we simply would not have thought of internally. And that’s resulted in an annualized revenue uplift of about half a million pounds.

“I’d certainly recommend people work with CRE. They’ve been very easy to work with. They’ve been very helpful and understanding along the way, and their experience and knowledge shine through in the work and ideas they bring to the table.”

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