Tips and tools: Google’s new A/B‑testing tool, the best sales books, learn CSS in 12 minutes, and more

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Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another

(We don’t profit from recommending things. We just love sharing things we think you’ll appreciate. You can see our other Tips and Tools articles here.)
Whether you are a salesperson or a conversion marketer (i.e., a salesperson who sells via technology), you can gain a lot by from the list of the best sales books.
Whether you are a salesperson or a conversion marketer (i.e., a salesperson who sells via technology), you can gain a lot by reading the best books about selling.

Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another:

  • Google’s new A/B-testing tool is looking great!: For the last few years, Google’s A/B-testing tool hasn’t been much to shout about. The new version, Google Optimize is looking great. It’s still in invitation-only beta, so we recommend you join the invitation list to get early access. It seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics (which is ideal provided your Google Analytics goals are set up right). The WYSIWYG editor is easy to use. To set up tests, you’ll need to use Google Chrome with this browser extension installed. Blastam wrote a good write-up of Google Optimize’s features here.
  • The best sales books: Years ago, an engineer friend of ours got a job in sales. He had never sold anything before, but he figured it would be good for his career development. The week before he began, we loaned him our copy of the book “SPIN Selling” by Neil Rackham. In his first month of work—and every month thereafter—he was his company’s top salesperson. He sold more than twice as much as some of the company’s veterans. He attributed his success to rigidly following the process described in the book. Many salespeople wrongly believe that sales is just an instinctive knack, and so they never read a single book about it. They are wrong; there’s a load to learn. Whether you are a salesperson or a conversion marketer (i.e., a salesperson who sells via technology), you can gain a lot by learning about sales. This list of the best sales books contains some great ones.
  • The technologies and books recommended by people in different fields: We’ve learned a lot from reading The Setup, a series of interviews with interesting people from different walks of life, asking them what technologies (hardware and software) they use. The Reading Lists is the same thing but for books.
  • Learn CSS in 12 minutes: Even if you have no intention of learning CSS, you’ll benefit from having a solid understanding of how it works. We recommend you watch this awesome video by Jake Wright.
  • CSS resources: Many guides to CSS are textual. shows the most popular CSS properties visually. Search the page for “background-attachment” to see how this approach can be a useful supplement to the equivalent page on W3Schools.
  • A gallery of style guides for websites: is a useful gallery of real-life pattern libraries, code standards documents and content style guides.
  • Miscellaneous interesting articles: The Quora Digest is one of the most consistently interesting emails we receive. We seldom delete an email without having clicking on at least one of the articles mentioned in it.
  • Online whiteboard tool: Mural is an online whiteboard tool. If you like sticking Post-It notes to walls, but then end up taking photos of the walls and wishing they were editable, you may find Mural is the answer.

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