How we work with health and fitness companies

  • Bupa
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Jenny Craig
  • Pritikin
  • Huel
  • HealthExpress
  • GMB
  • eMeals
  • Algaecal

Just a few of our clients in health and fitness.

Our health and fitness team has helped to grow…

  • Online pharmacies
  • Weight management programs
  • Health and wellbeing membership websites
  • Diet and nutrition products and services
  • Healthcare and insurance companies
  • Disruptive fitness and dieting apps

They’ve also worked with the world’s leading Silicon Valley companies (including Google and Facebook) and are at the cutting edge of conversion rate optimization.

How we help health and fitness companies to grow

We have developed a unique methodology that is proven to increase the profits of health and fitness companies. We help clients increase the following:

  • Product sales
  • Customer leads
  • Free subscribers to paying customers
  • Customer retention and renewals

We’ve helped many offline companies to

  • Transition to online platforms and communities
  • Seize new growth opportunities for mobile and apps

Such improvements provide a greater return on investment (ROI) from advertising and marketing budgets, accelerate growth, and increase market share and profitability.

See the results we’ve achieved

Each experiment we run is logged in a database, so we know for certain what works. Contact us, and we’ll send you a list of the types and sizes of wins we’ve had for companies like yours.

Testimonials and case studies from our health and fitness clients

Jacob Stark is the Director of Digital Strategy at Jenny Craig, the leading weight-loss company.

“About $10 million of increased potential revenue.”

Mike Lee, co-founder of the world’s largest diet-and-fitness community, MyFitnessPal, describes how quickly we learned his business and were able to contribute.

241% increase in sign-ups.

HealthExpress is an online healthcare provider.

“Additional revenue of £1 million per year.”

Doug McLaulin is Head of Growth Marketing at eMeals, the market leader in online meal planning.

“Allowed us to enter into a current growth stage that we have really never experienced beforehand, experiencing record growth.”

AlgaeCal is a health e-commerce company.

“You’re just losing money every day that you don’t hire CRE.”

Julian Hearn is the CEO and founder of Huel, a “nutritionally complete” food.

“£3 million added revenue per calendar year.”

GMB Fitness

Andy Fossett is co-founder and CEO of GMB Fitness, an online exercise training company.

“CRE pushed us to try tests we normally wouldn’t have gone for. They took the time to teach our team their process, and we’ve learned a lot about how people use our site and what stops them from trying our product.”


Kell Wynn is Director of Digital Marketing at Pritikin, a leading weight-loss company.

“The results have been exceptional. CRE are super responsive and very professional.

“We’ve also learned a lot. I can’t overemphasize the educational aspect of the program. It has been just as important as the financial gains.”

Best Worlds is a web development agency that specializes in Magento and WordPress.

“Really big results. Wins that had numbers that are almost hard to believe.”

Focus Clinics

Focus Clinics is a world-leading clinic for laser eye surgery.

“All this cold analysis comes from a warm team who are a delight to deal with”

Adaptive Health

Adaptive Health is a leader in science-based nutritional health supplements.

“Before we hired Conversion Rate Experts (CRE), we’d already had wins by using the materials CRE had published—the great case studies and articles. We figured we could expect even better results working with their teams directly.

“We haven’t been disappointed. Over the last few years, we’ve seen numerous, substantial wins, which have had a significant effect on our bottom line.

“CRE led us in directions we wouldn’t have pursued, which resulted in concrete wins that have enabled us to adopt new channels for acquiring customers, channels that would otherwise have been impossible.

“If any organization is looking to improve its testing program (or even to begin one), I’d highly recommend they hire the talents and resources of Conversion Rate Experts.”

MitoQ is a provider of health supplements.

“200% increase in revenue.”

Predator Nutrition is a bodybuilding supplements and sports nutrition company.

“We’re looking at million-pound increases.”

MoreNiche is an affiliate marketing company specializing in the health, beauty, and fitness industry.

“Past the seven-figure mark of increased revenue.”


Chirp designs and sells products to relieve back pain.

“We’ve seen multiple six- and seven-figure wins throughout the funnel, and are now branching out into new products based on the insights.

“I’d recommend CRE to anyone looking to grow their business.”

ThinSlim Foods is one of the largest low-carb food companies.

“Over a million dollars in extra revenue.”

truLOCAL is a online store that lets customers buy food from nearby suppliers.

“55% increase in sales on just the home page alone. We wish we had started with Conversion Rate Experts sooner.”

Jimmy Joy is a meal replacement company based in the Netherlands.

“We’ve seen a quarter of a million euros uptick in revenue. You can calculate what you need to break even. We’re way above that point.

“Every step of the funnel, we’ve tested, found winners, and increased conversion.”

HappySelf creates multi-award-winning daily journals that promote happiness, develop positive habits, and nurture enquiring minds.

“Our business grew 50% over the last year, and a lot of this was down to the changes made with CRE.”

Optibac is the UK and Ireland’s most recommended brand of probiotic supplements.

“The return on investment. It’s incredible.”

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