“4x growth in revenue,” for Homeaglow, a home-service marketplace

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Homeaglow is an online marketplace that connects households with home service professionals. They cover 85% of US zip codes.

A short video interview with the client

“The initial research that CRE does into understanding user personas and psychology is super valuable in and of itself.,” says Aaron Cheung, CEO of Homeaglow.

A transcript of the video

Without a doubt, kicking off the relationship with CRE was one of the best decisions we made. It’s not only driven significant improvements to conversion rate of our core flows. It’s freed up our team’s time to focus on what we do best, which is improving the product and core customer experience.

“And, ultimately, it’s led to 4 to 5x growth in revenue and customers served. A lot of times, when you work with an agency, you’ll get the best work front-loaded in the first few months, but we’ve been working with CRE for a year and a half now. The quality of ideas and the returns that we’re getting from the work has not diminished at all. It’s going to be a no-brainer the return on investment from that time span.

“My name is Aaron Cheung. I’m the CEO of Homeaglow. Homeaglow is an online marketplace. We connect close to a hundred thousand households with local home service professionals. We operate in 85% of US zip codes, and we serve more than one customer per minute.

A Homeaglow cleaner at work.

Homeaglow spends seven figures a month on paid advertising. For every percentage point of improvement we can add to our conversion rate, that’s a lower cost and a reduction on those seven figures of spend every month. 5%, 10%, 15% improvements to your conversion rate really pays dividends.

“After the last agency that we worked with, I did a more exhaustive search and talked with basically every agency I could find. CRE was at the very top of the industry, helping the biggest clients in driving the most success. I also received a lot of social proofs, so to speak, from other founders and executives within the tech startup community who had real-world experience working with CRE and experienced firsthand the results that CRE is able to drive.

A screenshot of our UX Takeaways document.

“My experience working with CRE has been phenomenal. The initial research that CRE does into understanding user personas and psychology is super valuable in and of itself. I shared that so many times with new team members, our product team, even our engineering team, our operations team, and that information has really helped them make progress on their own non-conversion rate optimization workstreams.

“CRE goes very deep into understanding how you convince a user to drive the outcome that you’re looking for, and I think that’s very critical and something that’s unique to CRE. The dev team behind the scenes executing the experiments is both quick, responsive, and on point in every way. And at the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding. Conversion Rate Experts has been a phenomenal return on investment.

A Homeaglow cleaner talks about her experience working for the company.

“Each win resulting in a relative improvement to conversion rate of 2% to 15%. You can do the math on how much impact that drives for our overall advertising efficiency, and it’s enormous. CRE is working with the biggest clients, driving the best results.”

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