“We found out what’s most important and what we should focus on. It produced some great results,” says Hostinger, a hosting company

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Hostinger is a Lithuanian-based hosting company operating worldwide, providing website hosting, VPS servers, and email hosting.

A short video interview with the client

“Launched some really great experiments and found things that our clients care about,” says Povilas Kriksciunas, Head of CRO of Hostinger.

A transcript of the video

Our experience working with Conversion Rate Experts has been great. They had a really good method to work with. They conducted some research with our clients and some surveys, prioritized some of the most important experiments we should try out first. So we really found out what’s most important, what we should focus on. We can use it in our marketing as well, not just on our website. And it produced some great results for us.

“Working with Conversion Rate Experts, I’d say you should definitely take into account not only the fact that you will have immediate results from some experiments, but also that you can bring clients back to your website. And you can not only take into account the new revenue that you will be getting, but also the lifetime value.

“My name is Povilas. I work here at Hostinger. We’re a web hosting company. And we provide services such as the main registration, a website hosting, VPS servers, email hosting. And we operate worldwide.

Conversion rate is important from the fact that we want to understand our clients better and our customers better, if we can find out what they’re looking for, what answers they’re seeking. We can provide a better service. And, also we can then extrapolate that into our marketing messages to attract more clients into our website.

“Well, before we started working with Conversion Rate Experts, we had a lot of ideas that we want to test, but it was more chaotic. It was more just like guessing. We had heard about Conversion Rate Experts before and then we checked out their blog. And there they explained how they work, what their method is, and we thought it’s a great fit for our company.

Our experience so far has been really good. We launched some really great experiments. And we found things that our clients care about and found out what our clients don’t care about, which is just as important, and also what you can do with that information later once you understand your clients better. So, for example, you can launch different ads. You can do something different with your marketing to attract more clients to your website as well.

“The best aspects of working with Conversion Rate Experts was that they had a model. And they had a really good method to work with. We started by doing some client research. So we understood what we need to prioritize first. We knew what experiments to launch. And then we knew exactly what we were doing once we are testing. We looked at the data, we looked at the results, and we knew it was reliable.

“If you should work with Conversion Rate Experts, you’ll be able to bring more clients back to your website after their initial purchase and also you’ll find more ideas, what to do with your overall marketing, and how to bring more clients to your website in the first place.”

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