“Conversion Rate Experts are a great return on investment,” says Igloo, a B2B technology company

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Igloo produces 360-degree projection domes and technologies for “shared VR” experiences. Igloos are used by companies like Accenture, Microsoft, BBC, and WarnerMedia for events, training, and visualization. Igloo hired Conversion Rate Experts to create a Blueprint Report for Rapid Growth.

A short video interview with the client

“We’ve had such a positive experience with Conversion Rate Experts,” says Natalie Cregan-Evans, Head of Marketing at Igloo.

A transcript of the video

CRE are a great return on investment. We have found so much value from working with them. They very much live up to the hype.

“The impact that they’ve had for us—learning about the website—has provided us with such detailed information and such great evidence for us to take that forward and make improvements—in which we can make it even better and work even harder for us. And that’s quite a powerful thing for some of us in the marketing team.

Conversion Rate Experts took the time to really dig into our business. They had some great insights for the customer journey as well. They’ve taught us so much. And as a marketer, I’ve learned so much that I know I’m going to be able to take forward in the future.

“My name is Natalie Cregan-Evans, and I’m the Head of Marketing at Igloo. Igloo creates these shared immersive spaces. And the idea is you can take any digital content and put it on the walls all around you. It’s like stepping inside a giant VR headset, but it means you can get whole groups of people inside. So it’s always a shared experience.

“We are very much a global company. Headquarters is in Shropshire, with an office in Central London, Toronto in Canada, and Melbourne in Australia. We’ve also got offices in New York and Atlanta opening soon. We work with over 100 companies all over the world, such as Accenture, Microsoft, BP, Sky, and Toyota. We’ve got over 50 universities around the world who’ve installed our technology.

“Conversion rate optimization should be a priority for anyone with a website. If you can improve that conversion rate, you can scale up the revenue, profits, and so on, so much more quickly. We didn’t know what it was that was working about the website. And we didn’t have that kind of in-house expertise to be able to dig into it. As far as we were concerned, if we broke the website, we’d break the business. So we wanted to be really sure that whatever changes we made, we were going to be making the right ones.

“We’ve been fans of Conversion Rate Experts for quite a while, to be honest. I’ve actually got their book, Making Websites Win—it’s on my desk. The resources that they make available on their website for free are so useful and helpful to you. We thought if we got these guys in and they did their magic, that would be ideal.

“We knew that they were very much leaders in their field, seeing that huge page of all their testimonials and seeing the caliber of people they’ve worked with. And we are the leaders in providing this kind of technology, so we wanted to work with leaders as well.

“At Igloo, we’ve had a great experience working with Conversion Rate Experts. One of the things we’ve really appreciated is that we’ve had this dedicated team to take a holistic look at the whole business and then pull out the most important aspects of the customer journey from the customer perspective. And I think that’s been one of the really valuable things, which is not something we’ve necessarily had with other agencies in the past. They’ve helped us get more data, information, and tools that we didn’t know how to go about collecting—or we might have had before but didn’t know how to interpret.

“For us, we want to build a website that’s going to only get serious inquiries from serious players with the budgets for this kind of technology. They’ve given us all the tools that we need to go forward and some really strong ideas and even frameworks to build out what a new website might look like. And we know that it’s all based on their very thorough and very scientific methods. So everything we’re doing is based on evidence.

I would recommend Conversion Rate Experts. We’ve had such a positive experience with them. If you are looking to work on your website, improve conversion rate optimization, and so on, you can’t do better than CRE.”

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