“Their results are just unbelievable,” says the UK’s biggest online printer-ink store

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The following interview is with the Marketing Director of the UK’s biggest online store for ink and toner cartridges. Three times in a row, the company has featured in The Sunday Times “Fast Track 100”—a ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the UK.

A short video interview


"Conversion rate optimization is extremely important for our company."

A transcript of the video

(At the company’s request, we’ve removed the company name from the transcript.)

“Conversion Rate Experts put themselves within the businesses and they get properly obsessed with growing them. They eat, sleep and breathe the businesses. As soon as they start on a business, they will buy whatever that business has. Their obsession with growing businesses, that has really helped.

They get properly obsessed … They eat, sleep and breathe the businesses.

“I work for [the UK’s biggest online printer-ink store], and I’m the Marketing Director. I’ve got a physics degree from Manchester University. I graduated in ’95 and then went to work for BAE Systems as an aeronautical engineer. My brother is Karl Blanks and he is the founder of Conversion Rate Experts. He convinced me it was a good idea to join the web, and I was very excited about that too because I saw all the good stuff he was doing.

“It wasn’t this company I joined, it was a web agency at the time and this company was a bit of a sideline project which really wasn’t turning a profit. Karl was convinced that we should be focused on this company and dominating the market.

“We are the market leader in the UK for ink and toner cartridges. We were in The Sunday Times Fast Track three times running. When I started we were turning over £1 million. Now we’re turning over £36 million and the website gets 20,000 UK visits a day.

We were turning over £1 million. Now we’re turning over £36 million

“Conversion rate optimization is extremely important for our company. I think it’s extremely important for all web businesses. Basically, if you can convert better than your competitors, then you can spend more on traffic. I used to look after AdWords and so basically you’re banging your head against a brick wall if you couldn’t convert well enough. Conversion rate is life or death, I would say, for online sales.

If you can convert better than your competitors, then you can spend more on traffic.

“Conversion Rate Experts are the market leaders. Their results are just unbelievable. They have loads of blue-chip clients. They have Google, Facebook, Sony, Vodafone, BT. Basically, their testimonial page and the amount of top-end clients they’ve had is really impressive. It has always been a massive benefit for me knowing Conversion Rate Experts and being able to use them as much as needed. They’ve recommended loads of business ideas, what we should be focusing on, and loads of software tools for us which have been really, really useful. If someone asked me if they should use Conversion Rate Experts, I would definitely say they should. Yeah, they’re brilliant.”

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