“Quarter of a million euros,” for Jimmy Joy, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) food company

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Jimmy Joy is a meal replacement company based in the Netherlands.

A short video interview with the client

“Every step of the funnel, we’ve tested, found winners, and increased conversion,” says Joey van Koningsbruggen, CEO and founder of Jimmy Joy.

A transcript of the video

I would recommend CRE. The way of thinking that they have: They do research on what our customers want, create hypotheses, and make designs based on the wishes of our customers. That’s very valuable.

“Working with Conversion Rate Experts, the results have been really good and really moved the needle. We’ve optimized and improved all funnel phases from the homepage to the checkout. Literally, every step of the funnel, we’ve tested, found winners, and increased conversion.

“And it has a compounding effect. In terms of euros, the uptick in revenue is anything upwards from a quarter of a million.

“I’m Joey van Koningsbruggen. I’m the CEO and founder of Jimmy Joy. Jimmy Joy makes the healthiest meals possible in the most convenient form. Shakes, bars, drinks, anything that you can make under 30 seconds to have a good, solid, natural, filling meal.

“Conversion optimization is important because 90% of our business is e-commerce. At the end of the day, it’s what works best for customers, making sure that they can find all the information that they need, convenience, and you can only know what works if you test it.

“We tried a whole bunch of things based on our own preference, but it wasn’t consistently getting performance. It didn’t have a very scientific, very structured, constructive approach. I inquired about Conversion Rate Experts’ price and methods, and they sent us a book. We tried some of the stuff mentioned in the book, and it worked, and that gave me confidence to at least give them a try.

“For smaller companies like ours, it’s a big chunk of our marketing budget. So you have to justify that in actual conversion rate optimization. But you can calculate, of course, what you need to break even. We’re way above that point. So it’s a good investment.

“Sometimes there are minor changes that really move the needle, but they’re based on research, solid logic. Yeah, it’s interesting to see how sometimes what works differs from what you expect. If the conversion is higher, you can invest more in acquisition. Plus, the insights you gain are usable for other channels, too, such as email or acquisition marketing.

“If you’re considering a party to do conversion optimization, I would recommend Conversion Rate Experts. They truly are the experts in that field.”

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