“We saw triple-percentage increases in return on investment,” says Law Firm Marketing Canada

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Law Firm Marketing Canada offers a full suite of digital marketing services to law firms.

A short video interview with the client

“We have seen tremendous gains in business for our clients,” says Kamila Philip, President of Law Firm Marketing Canada.

A transcript of the video

“I would highly recommend Conversion Rate Experts for any business that’s serious about making a great return on investment and for improving their bottom-line and top-line revenues.

“While our client websites typically have above-average conversion rates, Conversion Rate Experts were able to take us to a whole other level. We saw triple-percentage increases in return on investment after implementing a lot of their recommendations.

“We saw triple-percentage increases in return on investment”

“My name is Kamila, and I’m the President of Law Firm Marketing Canada. We handle the digital marketing initiatives for law firms across North America, as well as making sure that they have a return on investment with their digital marketing spend.

“We were getting a significant amount of relevant traffic to our website, but we felt that we needed to increase our conversion rates and there really wasn’t a methodology to some of the changes that we wanted to do.

“With Conversion Rate Experts, the client testimonials showed that they worked with a lot of larger brands like Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc.—which is great, but servicing law firms is an entirely different game. So we were concerned they may not understand our niche as well as maybe a specialized law firm marketing company would. Those concerns were put to bed really quickly. They were really good at understanding the regulations involved for law firm marketing, especially in Ontario, where we have stringent guidelines to follow with respect to advertising. And in turn, we actually ended up learning a lot of new things from their research.

“We have really enjoyed working with Conversion Rate Experts. Everything is done in a controlled environment, similar to how science experiments are conducted in labs. All their recommendations come from data-driven principles. There’s always hypotheses involved, and then they’re going to explain the methodology of why they think that design change is recommended, and then also what kind of results we’re expecting to see. We don’t find that too much in our space, so it’s very refreshing—and as a result, things get done a lot faster. They make the A/B testing very seamless, and they have seasoned experts on hand, which essentially frees up a lot of our internal resources.

“Things get done a lot faster”

“We have seen tremendous gains in business as a result of working with them, and we love that all of the results—all the hypotheses that they had—they all came true. They’ve been able to just take it up a notch for us. We have noticed not just an increased amount of leads, but an increased amount of relevant leads, which have resulted in tremendous gains for our clients across the board. The return on investment that we saw was very significant, and at the end of the day, that’s all our clients care about.

“We really enjoyed working with Conversion Rate Experts, and I can assure you that it is a guaranteed return on investment.”

“We have noticed not just an increased amount of leads, but an increased amount of relevant leads”

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