Revenue increased 200% for MitoQ, a provider of health supplements

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MitoQ is a provider of health supplements.

A short video interview with the client

“Revenue increased 200%.”

A transcript of the video

“It’s been nothing short of exceptional working with Conversion Rate Experts. We’ve seen huge impacts in a positive sense on the performance of our website. Three months into the relationship, the revenue flows through the website increased by 200%. That’s a huge increase for us, and it’s created a new normal. It’s given us the confidence that we can actually go and invest more in our marketing that we now know works much more effectively.

“It’s been nothing short of exceptional”

“They know exactly what they’re doing, and they have a methodology that works, which can only give you good peace of mind that you’re working with the right people. They’ve been a fantastic partner.

“Revenue flows through the website increased by 200%.”

“My name’s John Marshall. I’ve worked in the sales and marketing profession for nearly 20 to 30 years. And I’m the Chief Marketing Officer for MitoQ. MitoQ is a New Zealand-based biotech health company, which provides a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant. It’s breakthrough science, it’s exciting, and it’s an opportunity to really, really support mankind on a global basis.

“Our primary source of revenue comes through our website. So our ability to engage people and then convert those opportunities into sales, and the conversion to be as optimized as possible is an absolute strategic priority—perhaps our number one commercial priority. We realized that we didn’t have the capability or the capacity to accelerate that. So our need was always to look for an external supplier who could help us. We looked around, and we saw that Conversion Rate Experts are very much a data-driven business. That really appealed to us, so they were a natural fit.

“The best aspects of working with CRE are, without question, the structure and the methodology that they apply, and just how diligently they organize themselves to deliver it for you. They drill down into what the priorities are for your business, and then test those ideas, which leads to less wastage and less guesswork. There’s an enormous amount of data and information that we can lean upon, that I can report up to the executive team and the board as to what’s happening, and show tangible evidence of what’s going on.

“The concerns that we would have had before Conversion Rate Experts were really about, could we actually see a step change in what we were doing? The answer to that question, having worked with CRE for 12 months now is a very positive yes.

“I would absolutely recommend Conversion Rate Experts. They have a methodology that works. The organization that they put into it, and the diligence that they throw into it are really impressive. Implementing those decisions very quickly leads to an uptick in the revenue and the performance that you see. So there are a number of proof points along the way, and they tick the boxes across each one of those.”

“I would absolutely recommend Conversion Rate Experts.”

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