How Mike Lee went from zero … to half a billion dollars

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Mike Lee, MyFitnessPal

Mike Lee, co-founder of MyFitnessPal.

We recently sorted through some old business cards from a conference we spoke at.

We came across the following card, which had some interesting notes on it:

Business card with notes from Mike Lee, MyFitnessPal

Notes from our first conversation with Mike Lee of MyFitnessPal.

Our founder Karl Blanks had spoken at the conference. After the talk, he was approached by an entrepreneur called Mike Lee. Mike didn’t have a business card handy, so Karl wrote notes on one of his own cards.

Mike mentioned that he loved our articles. His company, MyFitnessPal, had created a smartphone app for counting calories. The company had just begun, but Mike was already optimizing his business using multivariate-testing.

Mike and his brother and co-founder, Albert, subsequently hired us to help MyFitnessPal grow even faster.

Mike and Albert recently sold MyFitnessPal for just under half a billion dollars.

Some people think that conversion rate optimization is an activity to do “when we get round to it.”

Successful companies start immediately.

We love hearing how successful entrepreneurs bootstrapped their businesses. If you do too, you’ll take inspiration from the following video interview with Mike and Albert, in which they describe what it was like behind the scenes growing a half-billion-dollar company:

Mike and Albert Lee discuss how they bootstrapped their company to half a billion dollars.

Mike discusses what it was like working with us

On this page, Mike describes what it was like working with us. In his words…

“I think there isn’t a company in the world that couldn’t benefit from working with these guys.”

If you have no budget for conversion, start where Mike and Albert did, with our list of 108 ways to increase your website’s profits. If you want to see the methodology we used to help grow his business, see our “Methodology” page.

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