“It was worth it 10 times over,” says MyWallSt, a mobile app for personal finance

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MyWallSt (formerly Rubicoin) is an award-winning financial investment app that transforms individuals into investors, through education and guidance.

A short video interview with the client

“We’re seeing incredible growth,” says John Smyth, Chief Marketing Officer of MyWallSt.

A transcript of the video

“Working with Conversion Rate Experts has been an absolute joy. The ideas that they gave us and approached have already been implemented. And we’re seeing incredible growth from that already.

“We’re seeing incredible growth”

“They give you a different window into your own company, help you understand your customers more. And the money that you spend definitely will be returned multiple fold. It was worth it ten times over.

“It was worth it ten times over.”

“My name is John Smyth. I’m the Chief Marketing Officer for MyWallSt. I’ve been working in the digital space for the last ten years. I started in Google in their European headquarters here in Dublin and then joined MyWallSt three years ago.

“MyWallSt is a Dublin-based FinTech company operating in the stock investment space. We’ve enjoyed great success since we were founded. We’ve won multiple awards. We have over two million downloads of both our apps—users from every country around the world. And we consistently appear at the top of the App Store rankings, worldwide.

“We are a completely mobile online business. We have lots of data available to us. But having data available to you and using it correctly are two very different things. Conversion rate optimization is critically important to us. It concerns the entire business. And it’s a metric that we really do use to understand if we are efficiently moving our users from point A to point B and becoming a subscriber of our service.

“Conversion Rate Experts—I personally have been a follower of them for years and years. When you look at the caliber and the results that they’ve got in some of the biggest companies in the world, you know that they’re going to help you. And so the ability to work with them was fantastic.

“The ability to work with them was fantastic.”

“After the first call with them—within five minutes—I knew that Conversion Rate Experts were the company that we should go with. Their real passion is to help businesses grow, to get their methodology across, and to deliver results for the clients.

“The insight that Conversion Rate Experts gave us beyond just conversion rate optimization was a part of the project that I was really excited about, and I’m delighted that we had that outcome. They’ve brought a methodology and an approach that we will learn from for years to come. They also gave us ideas that will go across multiple different departments in the business.

“They also gave us ideas that will go across multiple different departments in the business.”

“They gave us a fantastic insight into our users—how they use the product, how they believe our product delivers value to them—and [allowed us to] learn about our users in a particular way that we haven’t done before. The results that we will get from the work that we’ve done with CRE will definitely change the journey that we’re on as a business. And they deliver value to you which you will be able to see for months and years ahead.

“The advice I give anyone who is thinking of working with Conversion Rate Experts is don’t think twice about it. The insights that they’ll give you and the work that they carry out is second to none. If you are serious about conversion rate optimization, then these are the best.

“If you are serious about conversion rate optimization, then these are the best.”

“It’s something that you just won’t get anywhere else.”

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