“We realized something was wrong… so we reached out to Conversion Rate Experts,” says Parrot Print, a direct‑to‑consumer print manufacturer

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Parrot Print is a manufacturer and online retailer of customized canvas prints. Its team of passionate photographers created a fantastic product, but when they started sending traffic to the website, they realized something was wrong—that’s when they asked CRE for help.

Here’s Matthew, Parrot Print’s founder, to tell you what happened next.

A short video interview with the client

“They came up with really innovative ideas using their wealth of knowledge and applying it to our project. And we saw great results from that,” says Matthew Dahan, founder and director of Parrot Print.

A transcript of the video

“We had a poor conversion rate. We couldn’t quite figure it out ourselves. In fact, we were getting something really, really low. So we thought, we’ll engage directly with the thought leaders in that industry. So we reached out to Conversion Rate Experts.

“Working with Conversion Rate Experts has been phenomenal. We’ve seen a huge increase in our conversion rate.

“Conversion Rate Experts have built a super converting machine on social campaigns, while mitigating any kind of loss on spending because we’re converting way more people than we would have done. They’ve been absolutely fantastic to work with.

They really care about your projects, almost treat the project as if it was their own baby, to really get you the results that you’re looking for.

This partnership isn’t something we’ve experienced with other agencies before. We’ve worked with quite a few in the past as well. So really refreshing. And it’s been a phenomenal working experience. We’re really looking forward to continue working with them.

Parrot Print’s offices and printing set up

“My name’s Matthew Dahan. I’m the founder and director of ParrotPrint.com. We are a manufacturer and online retailer of customized print products.

We’ve seen huge growth over the years, so triple-digit growth year on year. We ship to the UK, the EU, and the USA. And to date, we have manufactured over half a million canvas prints delivered to our customers’ doorsteps.

“In an online business, CRO is super important. If your conversion rate isn’t optimized, if the groundwork hasn’t been done before, paid marketing can be a money pit. You want as many people that visit your brand and site to convert to maximize any kind of marketing spend that you have.

“We built our website with built-in capability. We built the tech. The offer was good.

“We’re offering next day delivery. Pricing was competitive, but once we started running ads or started looking at the traffic to the site, we realized something was wrong.

Parrot Print’s offices and printing set up

Working with CRE it wasn’t like working with any other agency. If anything, it’s a model by which other agencies should follow. They really had skin in the game. They seem to really care about the brands and the performance of the brand. It was really refreshing to work with people like that.

They came up with really innovative ideas using their wealth of knowledge and applying it to our project. And we saw great results from that. There were loads of tests that achieved big wins for us. And overall, it’s like compound interest.

To anyone considering using Conversion Rate Experts, I would say, definitely go for it. They’re a different breed of agency. If you want real results delivered quickly by people who care and know what they’re doing, then absolutely work with Conversion Rate Experts.”

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