20% more sales for Parts Town, a B2B ecommerce store

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Parts Town has the world’s largest in-stock inventory of OEM commercial kitchen parts for the restaurant and food industry.

A short video interview with the client

“The results were tremendous,” says Bryan Evans of Parts Town.

A transcript of the video

“Conversion Rate Experts get results. And they have a proven track record of getting results, to really take conversion rate optimization to the next level.

“We are trying to optimize user sign-up in our customer loyalty program. And we’ve already implemented changes on the website. We saw some pretty drastic results and gains. Conversion rate seemed to increase roughly 20%. More users are making it to the checkout. I think it’s been amazing.

“My name is Bryan Evans. I’m the Web Analytics Analyst, and I work for Parts Town. We are the global leader in the distribution of commercial restaurant equipment parts. And we only sell genuine OEM. We have more than 500 employees, more inventory than any other parts distributor in the world, and we are providing services globally.

“Conversion rate is really important to us. It’s a pretty big investment we put forth to acquire new users. And we want to make sure that we’re maximizing the value out of the customers that we acquire.

“One of our key metrics is to increase the percentage of order volume coming electronically or digitally. Without conversion rate optimization, that number is going to remain static.

We were already in a great spot: the industry leader when it comes to parts distribution, but we wanted to get even better. We were looking to grow even further. Extensive research was done by both our marketing team and our e-commerce team. There were multiple agencies we were looking at, but we just fell in love with Conversion Rate Experts. We just launched a brand new website. So we brought in Conversion Rate Experts to help us hit the ground running, optimize conversion, and utilize their expertise to get an overview of how we’re performing, and look for opportunities that move the needle.

“Conversion Rate Experts did extensive research through a wide variety of channels. They conducted surveys, polled customers who were using the website, and requested that we provide them with previous survey results. We also did an email survey. So they took all that data, they looked at our analytics, and then from that, they were able to develop a thorough understanding of what the biggest opportunities were.

“They were able to turn tests out quickly that really tested some bold design changes—and the results were tremendous.”

“One of the goals for me coming into this role was to learn and grow. And without working with them, I would not be in the position that I’m at today. I’d highly recommend Conversion Rate Experts to anybody. They do their homework, they’re very thorough, and they get results.”

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