“CRE has been the best investment we’ve ever made,” says Positive Parenting Solutions, an online education company

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Positive Parenting Solutions is an online education company that provides training courses and coaching for parents.

A short video interview with the client

When you see the results, “it’s like Christmas morning,” says David McCready, CEO of Positive Parenting Solutions.

A transcript of the video

CRE has been the best investment that we’ve ever made. This engagement has probably generated a higher ROI than any other engagement for us. I enjoy looking at the bottom line each month and seeing improvement because of the improvements that CRE helped us with.

When you see that test that’s up 5% … 10% … we had a couple over 15% … it’s like Christmas morning. And, I’ve got to admit, I’m like a little kid when I look at these results each day.

“My name is Dave McCready. I’m the CEO of Positive Parenting Solutions. We sell an online parenting program, and we’ve grown our business from just a few course sales in the United States to now have hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.

“When you advertise online, you’re at the mercy of available inventory. And as inventory gets tighter, costs rise, and you have very little control over affecting the price you pay for their advertising. We have a very healthy business, but we want it to get better. We are always trying to be ahead of the game. And we knew a lot of our landing pages were a little stale. Some of the forms we were using, there are better techniques nowadays. So we needed to look for ways that would take the pressure off of our margins. And you can only raise your price so much.

“When I first started looking for a conversion rate optimization consultant, I did a lot of research, like anybody else would, and everywhere I turned, I kept seeing CRE. Their name kept coming up. I watched their video testimonials, even talked to a past client of theirs, and they couldn’t stop raving about them.

So I retained them, the first time, four years ago. And it turned out to be a great investment. So this time, it was just not a problem for me to engage them because I know the results that I was going to get.

“If you’re standing still, you’re falling behind, so you always have to be moving forward. You can launch new products, new offers, try new prices. But if you’re not testing them—split-testing them against the control—then you’re really running the risk of making a mistake. It’s not just a simple process to throw some things up there. There is a science behind it. And with CRE, they have their own methodology of gathering the research, interpreting the results, and they handled everything. There was really nothing I had to do except for approve copy and approve certain creative. And from there, we put the different test ideas together.

“They also bring with them the experience that they have from working with other companies. And all the consultants get together and talk as a group as well, looking at your business, sharing ideas. So there is a tremendous amount of experience that they’re bringing along with them.

“CRE was probably the best consultant we’ve ever hired. This was a no-brainer—well worth the investment for us.

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