“We’ve tripled the conversion rate on our website,” says Sherpany, a B2B SaaS company

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Sherpany provides a meeting management platform for the C‑Suites and boardrooms of elite organizations.

A short video interview with the client

“CRE are definitely a great return on investment. We’ve tripled the conversion rate on the website,” says Charlotte Linde, Senior Growth Manager of Sherpany.

A transcript of the video

“Working with Conversion Rate Experts has been exceptional. We’ve learned a lot about how conversion rate optimization works and established a process of conversion rate optimization.”

“Conversion Rate Experts are the best in the industry. We feel like we went to conversion rate optimization school thanks to Conversion Rate Experts.”

“CRE are definitely a great return on investment. We’ve tripled the conversion rate on the website.”

“We’ve seen increases in conversion rates, two to three times boosts on our homepage. Large scale changes.”

“We never had such a knowledgeable professional agency by our side. They’re another level. I’m coming from a consultancy background myself, so I can tell they’re really operating on a level of excellence.

A team meeting at Sherpany.

“My name is Charlotte. I’m the Senior Growth Manager at Sherpany. Sherpany is a Swiss leading meeting management software for boards and executives. We are dedicated to boosting meeting productivity and offer a highly secure compliant environment.”

“My name is Marco Mancini. I am the Team Lead to Demand Generation for Sherpany.

Marco Mancini.

“Our website is our company. Our SaaS tool is hosted on the same platform. So it’s kind of the gateway to get most people into our conversion funnels, and it’s the most scalable platform that we have.”

“Conversion rate optimization is a direct profit driver that will impact the sales and also eventually the bottom line.

“Before we started working with Conversion Rate Experts, there was a lot of guessing. We dabbled a bit in the field of CRO, but we had no proven process in place.”

“We realized we wouldn’t really get the results that we wanted for the amount of effort that we would be putting in. So it became very important for us to find the right partner.”

“Our colleague did a very extensive research on CRO agencies. I think up to 23 agencies then put up this matrix evaluating them by different criteria. CRE stood out top in the industry.

A Sherpany employee at work.

“Everything felt like we have a framework. This is how we expect to deliver results to you, and these are the benchmarks that we have delivered to a lot of our other customers in the past, which to us was very exciting to see right from the outset. So it made the decision easy in the end.”

“Our experience with Conversion Rate Experts has been exceptional.”

“They were the quickest of all the agencies I’ve ever worked with to understand what we do, which is not that easy to grasp. Honestly, they had a better understanding than some people that I’ve seen internally to the points which they were able to have discussions with our own management teams, make proposals, and give ideas. There was no ramp up period.”

“They’re happy on the diagnosis part. I really enjoyed the research. It was very exciting to see what our main conversion roadblocks were, and how can we understand our visitors much better. I’ve shared this with all company, basically, and so we definitely will use that as an ongoing resource.

A team meeting at Sherpany.

“That research has proved to be very useful and help position marketing as the experts in this type of thing internally.”

We have been overwhelmed by the results. CRE has been testing some new methods that we haven’t thought of, like the future pacing, streamlining the funnel, making it more clearer, driving traffic to the parts where we want to have traffic.”

We were always excited for these weekly calls because it’s like, alright, let’s find out what have they come up with, like, what’s come out of the lab.

“The most fun experiment for me, I think is the information architecture. And seeing the outcome is just so great. It’s such a step above from the information architecture that we had previously.”

“This will directly impact, the sales and then in the end, the revenue.”

Marco looks out over Swiss city where Sherpany is based.

“CRE have been definitely a great return on investment, which will see the impacts again over the next year, two years, five years, ten years. If I had to redo things, I would even bring Conversion Rate Experts early on because there was a big opportunity cost in not having this performing website being up for almost two years.”

“I would definitely recommend Conversion Rate Experts to anyone who wants to grow their business, looking for higher conversion rates. [We] have results that will speak for themselves.”

To see one of the wins that helped triple Sherpany’s conversion rate, see the Win Report: New lead funnel increases SaaS demos by 58%.

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