“More than a million euros in additional revenue,” for sofatutor, an online educational platform

sofatutor is an online educational platform, providing tutorials for school and college students to learn course topics and study for exams.

A short video interview with the client

“We’ve doubled the number of tests we are shipping,” says Stephan Bayer, CEO and founder of sofatutor.

A transcript of the video

“The experience with Conversion Rate Experts has been great. We’ve doubled the number of tests we are shipping now. And we’ve made more than a million euros in additional revenue, thanks to the optimizations we’ve made.

You can be, in our case, a German-speaking online product, with German copy on the website everywhere, and you can work with English-speaking experts, and you can achieve great results.

“It’s also very impressive that you can make more than a million in revenue that you can reinvest in your business—that you can use to actually grow the company—by working with people whose genuine interest is to help your company grow. And that’s what CRE for us is.

“My name is Stephan Bayer. I am the founder and CEO of sofatutor.com. At sofatutor right now, we are more than 100 people working on the product full-time. We serve more than 1.5 million students in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, on a monthly basis. There are more than 10,000 educational videos, 40,000 worksheets, so you can practically learn everything from first grade all the way up to twelfth grade. sofatutor is completely online. We are a B2C subscription business. We need to find the moms, the dads, and the students out there.

Conversion rate optimization is important in so many ways. We don’t have a lot of other chances to optimize the way we communicate what we do. If you optimize your website, it has ripple effects on all your customer-acquisition channels. And obviously, eventually, also on the financial outcome of your business.

“Before we were using Conversion Rate Experts, we were A/B testing on a weekly basis. We had the technical setup and the team. And we knew that, right now, maybe the biggest bottleneck is just new ideas. We learned so much in the past from just following the CRE experts—what they have to say online, but also in conferences—we thought we have to give it a try and work with them. And, well, history proves we were right. It’s been a very fruitful working together relationship.

It makes total sense to work with Conversion Rate Experts because they will fuel your pipeline with their ideas, their experience, and their research. And then you come up with amazing results.

“One thing that always resonated really well with us was that, sofatutor and Conversion Rate Experts, we work very scientifically. They understand your process of thought that happens in the company. And they digest it in our weekly calls. We would go with one layer after another, deeper and deeper into what drives visitors to actually try out the product. And you could really see that the time invested would more and more bring results.

“I would totally recommend Conversion Rate Experts. For many years, I was very proud that we, as a company, did a lot of work internally. And the work with Conversion Rate Experts really proved that mindset wrong. So it helped me to adjust.

“So data, the testing, and shipping—and all the ideas and all the research in that very scientific approach that CRE is doing—that’s the perfect triangle.”

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