How we work with software and SaaS companies

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Some of our clients in software and SaaS.

Our software and SaaS team has helped ambitious SaaS startups, fast-growing tech companies, established market-leading software, and disruptive technology giants.

They’ve also worked with the world’s leading Silicon Valley companies (including Google and Facebook) and are at the cutting-edge of conversion rate optimization.

They understand your opportunities, challenges, and threats, and can help you to identify them, address them, and deliver huge growth for your business (and career).

How we help software and SaaS companies to grow

We have developed a unique methodology that is proven to increase: sign-ups, sales leads, demos, downloads, paying customers, upgrades to annual plans, customer engagement and retention.

We’ve also helped many SaaS companies to use our customer research to improve the core product and achieve a higher net promoter score.

Such improvements provide a greater return on investment (ROI) from advertising and marketing budgets, accelerate growth, and increase profitability.

See the results we’ve achieved

Each experiment we run is logged in a database, so we know for certain what works. Contact us, and we’ll send you a list of the types and sizes of wins we’ve had for companies like yours.

Testimonials and case studies from our software and SaaS clients

Scott Buckland of Verizon Connect.

“CRE has the unique advantage of being able to draw from its vast experience with the multiple clients it has worked with over the years, to tailor new tests to our business. The insights from the research phase alone were invaluable.

“Overall, I saw this engagement as a great way to soak up as much information from CRE as possible—and internalize some best practices around CRO with our own team.”

Moz is the search marketing industry’s leading SEO software provider, with a community of over 250,000 members. The CEO of Moz, Rand Fishkin, said…

“They have helped Moz add more than $1 million to our bottom line this year. They’re the best in the business.”

PhotoShelter is a worldwide leader in photography portfolio websites.

Doubled sales.

Mike Lee, co-founder of the world’s largest diet-and-fitness community, MyFitnessPal, describes how quickly we learned his business and were able to contribute.

241% increase in sign-ups.

Hiten Shah, co-founder of Crazy Egg.

363% increase in conversion rate.

Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg.

363% increase in conversion rate.

Franck Unternahrer is the Digital Marketing Manager at The Foundry, a visual-effects software company whose clients include Pixar, ILM, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Sony Pictures Imageworks.

“It’s fantastic—like having an extension of my team. They understand our pain, our industry, and our visitors’ frustrations.

“Some of our senior executives didn’t understand how CRO could have such a big financial impact. So far, we have seen increases of up to 44%.”

Piktochart provides web-based infographic software.

“Our experience has been wonderful. We have seen a lot of wins … worth about $300,000.”

Doug Breaker is CEO of Earth Class Mail, the world’s leading mail-digitization service.

“They’re best in the business. If you measure their impact, it’s well into the millions of dollars.”

Ron Patiro, PayPal

Ron Patiro is Global Experimentation Manager at

“At Conversion Rate Experts, I learned a tremendous amount. They are the best in the business.”

WorkflowMax is online job-management software, owned by Xero.

“Working with Conversion Rate Experts has been extremely stunning in terms of results.”

TINYpulse is an online B2B platform for engaging employees.

“It was a professional dream come true for me to have worked with them.”

TSheets provides employee time tracking and scheduling software. It serves more than 20,000 businesses across 100+ countries.

“More than 10x ROI.”

Big Interview provides software and content for job interview training.

“More than doubled revenue.”

Yomdel provides a fully-managed, 24/7 live chat service. It hired Conversion Rate Experts to create a Blueprint Report for Rapid Growth.

“Our experience with Conversion Rate Experts has been entirely positive. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

TextMagic is a B2B SaaS company.

“Twice as many trials as before. It’s amazing.”

MyWallSt (formerly Rubicoin) is an award-winning mobile app for personal finance and investment.

“It was worth it 10 times over. We’re seeing incredible growth.”

Jamf is a leading SaaS software solution for mobile-device-management (MDM), helping companies to manage their Apple devices.

“Improvements of 30%, 40%, 50%, and 70%.”

What you should do now

1. We have already grown companies just like yours. (We have helped to grow clients in 37 countries in 11 languages.) So wherever you are in the world, if you’d like us to work on your website—to dramatically increase its profits—then claim your FREE website strategy session. On this free phone consultation, one of our experts will discuss your conversion goals and suggest strategies to double your sales.

2. If you’d like to learn conversion for free, go to our “Learning Zone” page, where you can download templates of million-dollar winning pages. Or, if you’d like us to build your company’s in-house capabilities (not for free), then contact us and we’ll discuss your requirements.

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