Tips and tools: Create awesome forms; make an app from a Google Sheet; become great at drawing; and more…

Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another

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Create great-looking forms, quickly, using Typeform’s templates

A screenshot of Typeform’s templates page
Typeform’s templates page provides a great starting point.

We have recommended the survey tool Typeform before. (In the same article, we also suggested some useful survey questions to use with it.)

We recently revisited Typeform’s templates page, and it’s much better than we remember it. The templates are divided into the following categories: Surveys & Questionnaires; Lead Generation; Forms; Quizzes; Polls; Invitations; and Creative. They provide a great way to get started with your next form.

Find inspiration in this excellent example of a product selector

A screenshot of Brooks’ product-selection wizard
“Wave your legs in the air like you just don’t care”: It doesn’t quite go that far, but Brooks’ product selector does ask you to perform some intriguing actions to identify your perfect running shoes.

Some products are still easier to buy in a physical store rather than online. In ten years, we believe that almost everything will be easier to buy online. The product selector for Brooks’ running shoes is not perfect, but we think it’s a great glimpse of how technology can outperform the average store assistant.

Create a mobile app from a Google Sheet in five minutes

The homepage for the Pocket Biases app.
Buster Benson used Glide to turn his comprehensive list of cognitive biases into an app.

Glide lets you create a mobile app from a Google Sheet in five minutes.

If you can’t imagine why you’d want to create an app, browse Glide’s list of templates for inspiration.

Keep your laptop screen private using magnetic privacy filters

A magnetic privacy filter
Privacy filters with magnetic strips are much easier to keep in place.

A privacy filter can make it harder for people nearby to see what’s on your computer screen. Many privacy filters attach to the laptop screen using cumbersome clips or adhesive, which we have never liked, so in the past we have just leaned our filters against our screens, rather than attaching them.

We have recently started using filters that have magnetic strips across the top of them, which snap onto the screen (provided the screen bezel is made of a material that’s attracted to magnets). We have tried only the TDP screens for 15-inch MacBook Pros, but Amazon sells many similar-looking ones.

How to turn any MP3 into a podcast

Castro’s sideloading feature
Castro’s sideloading feature.

Huffduffer lets you turn MP3s into a podcast feed. For a long time, we wanted to listen to this page of interviews with the entrepreneur Derek Sivers, but they were all in MP3 format. Huffduffer allowed us to convert the MP3s into a personal podcast feed, which we could then listen to offline with our podcast players.

Similarly, Huffduff Video lets you do the same thing with YouTube videos. It extracts the audio from the video, and turns it into a podcast episode.

We then discovered that the monthly-subscription version of the podcast app Castro allows us to do the same thing in a way that’s more private.

Use insights from machine learning to lose weight

The factors that correlated positively with weight loss
We were shocked and disappointed to discover that pizza wasn’t in the list of “weight loss” factors.

After reading this article by Ariel Faigon, our co-founder Karl lost 22 pounds (10 kg). The article describes how Ariel applied machine learning to understand what was effective in helping him to lose weight.

This glycemic load table came in useful, too.

(Of course, we can’t vouch for the healthiness of the advice—or of Karl.)

News from within Conversion Rate Experts

A SaaS success (our 79th client testimonial)

We are excited to have just published a great new testimonial. It’s from Jamf, a leading SaaS software solution for mobile-device-management (MDM), helping companies to manage their Apple devices.

“Improvements of 30%, 40%, 50%, and 70%” for SaaS software company Jamf.

See the video (and a transcript of it).

You can see all 109 of our testimonials and success stories here.

Become our next success story

If you’d like us to help you hit your ambitious targets, visit this page to schedule a free strategy session.

Our audiobook is getting great feedback

At first, we weren’t sure how well our book, Making Websites Win, would work in audio format—particularly because it contains 119 images, which needed to be described in words.

We have been thrilled at how positive the feedback has been. One listener, Ian Dalton from Flagship Marketing, described it as being “like the hitchhiker’s guide to CRO.”

If you haven’t already got it, you can download it using your existing podcast player.

And finally…

Learn to draw

A drawing of a car from one of the later lessons of the Drawabox course
Drawabox teaches you the fundamental skills of drawing. And it costs nothing.

If you have ever fancied learning to draw better, we have discovered a great website called Drawabox, which teaches you the fundamentals—and steers you away from making the most common beginner mistakes.

This video review of Drawabox gives an excellent overview of what it contains and why it works so well.

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