“Our company grew exponentially,” says fashion brand Tesalate

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Sales grew exponentially for beach brand Tesalate.

A transcript of an interview with the client

“I’m Volkan Ozbek, co-founder of Tesalate, the world’s leading beach towel brand. We design our towels in Australia using cutting-edge fabric technology and on-trend designers, to make people’s beach days better. Our products are sold to over 100 countries.

“Our website is the core way we interact with our customers. Tesalate had grown every month since we launched. To our surprise, we started getting customers from all over the world with different demographics. We had been talking to our customers as much as possible and doing some A/B testing. But most of our decisions were based on intuition rather than research though. We initially engaged CRE to understand and optimize our website for this wide variety of customers—so that every customer has an excellent experience.

“I had been following the CRE newsletter for years. Conversion optimization is all they do, and they’ve been doing it since the very first marketers starting even thinking about CRO. In our experience, when someone does one thing, and they focus on it, and they obsessively think about, they become great at it. So we knew when we wanted to optimize our website experience for our customers, CRE was the only company we’d trust.

As soon as we started interacting with CRE, we knew they were grounded in reality and not in “Agency Fantasy Land.”

“Most agencies are more focused on fancy reports than results. As soon as we started interacting with CRE, we knew they were grounded in reality and not in ‘Agency Fantasy Land.’ Even minor concerns during our engagement were acted upon immediately.

“CRE helped us define our messaging and understand why customers buy—what they love and don’t like about us—and ultimately how to serve our customers a better experience. Beyond the bottom and top line (which has been impressive), the most important thing is that we are better at serving our customers.

Our company grew exponentially

“Our company grew exponentially during our engagement. We believe it is at least 20% larger due to our decision to engage CRE.

CRE is hands down the best agency we’ve worked with.

“CRE is hands down the best agency we’ve worked with. They’re responsive, available, focused on our business outcomes and not theirs, and follow a data/reality-based approach.

“The worst part of working with CRE is that you realize most of your decisions don’t hold up to testing. So most of the things you do are probably neutral or negative for your business. Learning this is not really a negative, but it sure feels like one.

Zero fluff

“If you want to work with an agency that focuses on your business outcomes—with zero fluff—then hire CRE. They will help you understand your customers better, and improve your bottom line.”

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