Testimonial Protocol

The clients of Conversion Rate Experts (CRE) all bring unique circumstances, aims, methodologies, market positioning, expertise and experiences to the table.

As a consultancy, the services that we render, the strategies that we recommend and the solutions that ultimately are adopted, while implementing our CRE Methodology™, are unique for each assignment.

The testimonials presented on our site cannot be viewed as “typical” results because each client came to us with unique needs and each was provided with unique solutions or recommendations.

Each testimonial should be viewed and interpreted as a unique case study (some with more detail than others, but each presenting insight into that company’s specialized experience with CRE). Each client’s market niche, maturity, positioning, potential customer base, web presence and budget was different. CRE’s advice to each client, while true to CRE’s central methodology, was unique. Each client used CRE’s services in a unique way and each measured its success differently.

Summary of client results

If you’ve arrived at this page after viewing the chart that presents the summary of our client results, please take the following factors into consideration when reviewing it:

  • The chart reflects data that many of our clients have elected to share with us.
  • “Annualized Improvement” reflects growth over the specific metric that we were engaged to improve. This could be sales, conversion rate, sales growth or other factors.
  • In some instances the data that were used to measure the results of our efforts were collected by us and in some instances cannot be verified since we relied upon reports prepared by our clients.
  • Client experiences that were not reported to us could materially affect the results listed in this chart.
  • Client results are unique and yours may vary.
  • Changes in market conditions, technology, competitive forces, client capabilities and other factors may affect your results and there is no assurance of the results that you may achieve.

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