“Twice as many trials as before,” says TextMagic, a B2B SaaS provider, “it’s amazing”

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TextMagic is a service that enables businesses to send text messages for notifications, alerts, reminders, and marketing campaigns.

A short video interview with the client

“We now are getting twice as many trials every day as we did before.”

A transcript of the video

“We now are getting twice as many trials every day as we did before. It’s amazing. And also, the numbers of buying clients are also increased. So we are very satisfied.

“It’s amazing.”

“My name is Kärtu, and I am the COO at TextMagic. TextMagic is a business text messaging service that allows a user to send notifications, alerts, reminders to their clients, staff members, and leads.

“TextMagic has grown very fast, and it is still growing, but recently, it has become much harder to maintain the same rate of growth. We decided to choose Conversion Rate Experts as our partner because they have video testimonials with very well-known companies. And we thought they must be the leader of that industry. If the famous brands trusted them, why shouldn’t we?

“They have plenty of useful ideas for improving the look and feel of the product. They helped us to reassess from our customer’s point of view.

“We now are getting twice as many trials every day, so the number of buying customers has increased. If someone were to ask me whether they should try Conversion Rate Experts, I definitely say yes. They definitely give your business a nice boost.”

“We now are getting twice as many trials every day.”

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